Women's Periods 101

Throughout history, our understanding and relationship to the women’s period cycle has explored many different angles and opinions; a curse, a nuisance, just a part of life, mother nature’s gift, to be ashamed of, to feel dirty or unclean about, to resent, to hide, to override and not let it stop you living your life, to ignore ... the list goes on.

Almost all women will admit they have felt one or more of the above at least once in their life on the subject of their periods: but could there be more to this period cycle that our body goes through that we’re missing out on?

Could it be that our somewhat low enthusiasm for periods comes from the imposed attitudes we hold, and from reactions to their occasional and in some cases persistent difficulties? Is this really what a woman’s period cycle is about? Could we change the way we look at periods?

What if a woman’s period was not any of the above, by its natural design, but actually one part of a cycle that continuously encourages a woman to deeply nurture, care for and attend to her body and her health?

If this were the case, it would turn our attitude towards periods upside down and inside out!. . . Fancy that, a woman’s period cycle is designed to help us be more loving to ourselves and others, and is not a curse ... could this be the missing key for women to explore?

We would need to consider and really look deep within to understand what this would really mean, if this were the case; how would we approach menstrual periods differently? How would we women look after our bodies? What would our negative period symptoms such as PMT mean? And how would we seek to address them?

All of these differing questions, ponderings, explorations and more are here shared in the articles you’ll read throughout the ‘Periods’ section of the Women’s Sphere – written by women asking the questions, and exploring a different way to approach a woman’s period cycle.

"The menstrual cycle is really a spleen cycle and relates specifically to the way in which a woman has allowed herself to live for that period: a woman is clearing all that she has unnecessarily taken on.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 526

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