The fashion industry and true expression

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The fashion industry and true expression

The fashion industry is where images rule, but the truth is, for fashion to be true we need to let go rather than try to achieve the pictures of beauty and style that we are sold. If we live up to any ideal in fashion, we are never free from being led by it at the expense of leading the way by feeling and expressing the beauty of our selves.

Fashion stylist extraordinaire and author of the soon-to-be-published book “Fashion Expressionism”, Adele Leung – born and bred in the glamorous city of Hong Kong with twenty years experience in the fashion industry – finds success in the fashion world by being a forever student in life. She describes how fashion and style are an expression of the beauty and rhythm developed in a continual learning from the livingness of life.

Style has nothing to do with what clothes or brands we wear,
what body shape we have and whether we keep up
with current fashion trends or not.

Fashion and style is about keeping a daily personal rhythm that deeply honors every part of my body and being and then expressing (walking, talking, dressing) from there, whilst working within an industry that has its own accepted rhythms. By living with a rhythm that honors my body and being, I began to feel the true identity of who I am.

No true beauty can be expressed from a body that is rushed, anxious, exhausted or without a beautiful sense of self. What is the purpose of showing something pretty on the surface when a different story lies underneath? The media and fashion industry has a responsibility to express truth, and so do we. If truth is not lived in our own lives – if we portray an image that has no equal substance behind it – what are we really expressing and influencing the world with? No recognition or accolade I have received for a look that came at the expense of my true wellbeing has ever been worth it.

"A woman's body will always be beauty-full to her, if she but allows who she truly is on the inside to model it."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 548

Self-care and self-love’ have become my motto in serving in this industry and never has work been more successful, joyful and amazing.

After twenty years in the highly competitive arenas of fashion and publishing, there are no plans to retire. Instead of being burnt out I am thriving from a foundation of self-care, serving in multiple roles of fashion stylist, art director, producer, fashion editor, lecturer, writer, salesperson and recently, model.

All this work is infused with the clear understanding that when we bring truth and connection back to the fashion industry, we get to experience what style and fashion truly are, and the beauty and authority that comes not from efforts that seek outer approval and recognition, but from the livingness of a body flourishing and delighting in true expression.

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