Women, excessive tiredness and Christmas stress

Women, excessive tiredness and Christmas stress

Women, excessive tiredness and Christmas stress

How many women start the New Year feeling totally exhausted – more weary than cheery?

Extreme tiredness and exhaustion are becoming the new black. We normalise these feelings.

But in doing so we are hardening our bodies more and more and more to get through. Tension becomes a very normal feeling. Going to bed with a racing mind is just how it is. Pushing our bodies beyond what they can really do is just what we do – we have to, to get it all done, don’t we?

And then feeling overweight, sick and exhausted – with the New Year the health kick comes. Trainers, boot camp – punishment basically for the month lived in excess – diets, restrictions and low self-worth, New Year's resolutions.

Women know that we are not machines and that our bodies are being affected by our every choice, be it in support of us or against.

Every choice we make, makes up the way that we feel.

"There is a strength in knowing what you can and cannot do. And even greater strength in honouring it."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 541

Even a Christmas recap is exhausting to read:

It starts at the beginning of December and goes right through . . . various parties, school concerts, dancing concerts, sporting awards nights, catching up with everyone you haven’t seen all year, shopping, working extra hours, finding the money to shop.

Then it intensifies a bit more in the fortnight leading up to Christmas day; more shopping and the shops are getting fuller with a distinct whiff of hysteria in the air, standing in the Pandora queue for 2 hours, catch ups every night, drinks, drinks, and more drinks, food late at night, work Christmas party, no-one really wants to be working anymore, they can taste the holidays.

Then more shopping for food for Christmas day, dipping into those savings to get the ideal day – all amazing, cooking for the day, wrapping presents late at night so the kids don’t see them, up till whenever Christmas eve building mini kitchens and bikes and setting up for Santa.

Getting up at the crack of dawn, opening presents . . . some great, some weird, family arriving, wanting to put on the best Christmas day, sometimes relationships are great, sometimes diabolical.

Cooking, overeating at lunch, cleaning up then plum pudding with cream and ice-cream and custard piled on – it is the day for it, really pile it on. Alright, one more helping.

But what does our body do with all of this?

How long does it take for our body to recover?

A friend said she went out for dinner a couple of days after Christmas and the family sitting next to her were all laughing and having a great time except the Mum who looked so pale she either had gastro or was just so extremely tired from Christmas stress she could hardly pick up her fork. How many women are left feeling like this after the month of December?

"Women have got to change the paradigm that says, "we can, we can, we can do anything", into – "let's honour, let's honour, let's honour our bodies deeply.""

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 524
  • What do we do about this freight train that is Christmas?
  • Can we slow it down? Is this possible amongst all of the expectations?

What can we do to support ourselves in it?

Listen to our body. This is totally the key to avoid excessive tiredness or exhaustion, because our body is constantly giving us messages about what we need.

  • Rest when tired
  • Eat to nourish our body
  • Notice when we are getting caught up in the frenzy and reconnect with ourselves

If raciness is taking over then we know we have gone off the deep end and need to stop and listen-in more. The Christmas stress of a party every night of the week as well as work and kids and shopping and cooking might be too much: check in with how much we are saying yes to and exercise that part of us that can say no on behalf of our body and its very physical needs like sleep, nourishment and stress-free space.

To support reconnecting to your body you may like to listen to this audio . . .

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Meditation can be done in many ways not just sitting. The key is to build a connection to a quality of stillness within you and take that into everything you do.

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