Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Serge Benhayon and all of us – portals for truth

We are all potential portals for truth

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Serge Benhayon and all of us – portals for truth

Since the beginning of time there has been a steady stream of men and women who have managed to see through and live free from the illusion of life. What they have each been able to do is to systematically work their way back to the truth of all things. Once back, each of them has then communicated that truth to the rest of humanity.

And although each one of them has communicated that truth in a style that has been particular to them, the truth that has come through all of them has been the one same Unified Truth. A truth that constantly serves to re-unite us all.

And although all of these world teachers have differed in age, in nationality, in gender, in level of wealth and in standard of education, what they have all shared in common is the understanding that their part in conveying the truth has been to act as a portal, no-thing more and no-thing less. Not one of them has ever considered that they have been the origin of the truth, not even for the briefest of moments.

I find this fascinating as, over the years, I have seen many gurus present on what they have purported to be ‘the truth’ and there has been something rather grandiose about many of them; a sort of self-important individualism that has been conveyed by the elaborate swishing of robes and the way they’ve silently welcomed the adoration of their devotees.

And yet, what all the true world teachers have repeatedly said is that they are not special or different in any way and that every person on the planet has the same potential to be a portal for truth. In fact, Jesus went even further by saying that we would be able to do even ‘greater’ things than he!

So what is it that all the world teachers had in common that allowed the truth to pour through them?

The answer is simple: they all chose to move in a way that ensured that the consciousness of God flowed through them. And when referring to their ‘movements’ I am referring not just to the movements that they made with their bodies, but also to those they made with their speech and to those they made with their thoughts.

At any given time, all of us are either being moved by a source of energy that seeks to permanently keep us in the illusion of separation, or a source of energy that knows that it is everything already and therefore seeks nothing.

Before meeting Serge Benhayon it’s fair to say that I was unaware (in any conscious way at least) of the two types of energy that exist. I was equally unaware (again albeit consciously) that it is our movements that are responsible for dictating which source of energy we pull in through our bodies.

Like most people, I was oblivious to the fact that I was caught in a vicious cycle of moving in a way that ensured that I kept pulling in the same source of energy that in turn ensured that I kept repeating the same movements… and so it went.

What fuelled many of my movements was an ever-present underlying agitation: an agitation that had been in my body (and yet not consciously identified by me) for a good thirty years. My compulsive need to exercise, my regular overeating, my love of watching really crap TV and my need to get wasted in clubs were all desperate attempts to quell my inner angst.

Of course, none of them ever provided me with more than a temporary reprieve from feeling my symptoms, but what all of those ‘movements’ did do is that they ensured that I continued making the same choices, over and over again, even though those choices weren’t truly supporting me. Movements pull in movements from the same energetic pool as themselves and so it’s a little bit like being on a treadmill that’s going really fast – it’s almost impossible to step to the side and get off!

One of the many things that Serge Benhayon introduced me to was the possibility of making different choices – and because every choice that we make is in fact a movement, making different choices is changing the way that we move. Therefore, very slowly over time, by making different choices I have been able to shift the energetic source that I have been affiliated with. That energetic source has gone from being a self-serving form of energy that was constantly preventing me from feeling the truth of any given situation, to a form of energy that is in itself the living truth.

It has been a gradual process and one that will never end, as like all of us, I am making choices constantly. There are many, many times when I don’t feel able to make a choice from the energetic category of truth and I know full well that what I am doing, saying or thinking has its origins in the energy that seeks to stall our evolution by keeping us in the illusion of separation. But that’s ok, because we have been granted as long as it takes for all of us to return to being the living portals of God that we were originally designed to be.

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  • By Alexis Stewart, Yoga Teacher, Disability Support worker, Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Massage Therapist

    I am all about the body, as I have come to understand that it is our bodies that guide us back to the truth of who we are.

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