The Four Pillars of Evolution that form the backbone of living and understanding of behaviour.

A summary, as extracted from the presentations of Serge Benhayon.

The purpose of Human Life is to Evolve.

In order to evolve, we need to surrender to the fact that everything comes through us and not from us. Movement facilitates evolution. Or indeed Movement delays evolution. Movement is behaviour and all forms of expression. True Movement is impulsed by one’s Soul in alignment with evolution.

We are here for service to humanity.

The Four Pillars of Evolution offer us everything we need to extricate ourselves from the prison of the generally accepted, dysfunctional way of life of the past centuries (the entire history of human existence in fact). The current way of humanity is based on a grand deception that what is “normal” is great and good, when in fact the norms of modern living need to be questioned and are mostly anything but evolutionary.

The Four Pillars facilitate a return to the ways of The Ageless Wisdom.

From birth, we have already been made Universal. For example, the commonly accepted way of nationalism is the counter to Universality – we need to let go of nationalistic concepts, which separate people. The moment we focus small (e.g. on self, or on the family only, or on our country versus other countries), things go wrong. We must focus globally … Universally.

Unfortunately, initially we tend to always deny the greatness of these Four Pillars of Evolution and as a result we choose the Counter Behaviour (see below).

The adoption of these Four Pillars requires responsibility, and unlike the days of old, we do not need deprivation, to be celibate or to fast for days on end in order to evolve… we can simply adopt these four guiding principles known as The Four Noble Truths or The Four Pillars of Evolution.

The Four Pillars of evolution are:

  • Awareness

  • Connection

  • Reading

  • Transparency

The Counter Behaviours (that keep us small and separated from who we truly are):

  • Awareness ⇨ Dullness

  • Connection ⇨ Dampness

  • Reading ⇨ Raciness

  • Transparency ⇨ Protection

The Four Pillars work together –– address one and usually that will work well to address them all. Bring one of the counter behaviours into play and generally that will bring in all four counter behaviours. The union of The Four Pillars will give us true settlement (ease) in the body and being. When we are experiencing an issue … the understanding of these Four Pillars is a point we can come back to: action one or all of their qualities as a means to resolve the issue in order to get back on the evolving path.

The old way of working with people was to become competitive, thereby separating people.

Under the Four Pillars, Group Work is nothing like that – from the outset it is about Connection (the limitless potential we have in true greatness together). A project, or indeed any group, needs to have Universality (look at all aspects from every angle) and must have evolving education at its core. We must avoid the trap of working in the current and largely accepted way (that humanity has erroneously created) which focusses on temporal outcomes for us as individuals, with scant or no responsibility to the whole.

It is about our universal Responsibility (responsibility for the quality of every action, thought, intention and the ongoing affect of that on everything) and about one saying Yes to Responsibility through dedicated movement (activity, living).

These teachings of ‘The Four Pillars’ are direct through Serge Benhayon, a philosopher and teacher whose life is dedicated to presenting the work of The Ageless Wisdom since 1999, and living those teachings to the full.

The Four Pillars of Evolution, in a bit more detail:

Awareness – Awareness lies in having a relationship with something without control (getting in the way) – it gives us deeper realisation, understanding and through that, greater awareness. Our awareness gives us a sense of where we are going without giving us a picture or an image. Through awareness we have openness to our multi-dimensionality. Before we tackle anything, we need to make sure we see the situation as a whole. We need to be consciously aware of all aspects of the situation so we are not blindsided. If our lifestyle leaves us with the feeling of dullness, exhaustion or mundanity, fix that first or our awareness will be tainted by negativity.

Connection – The truth is we can only evolve together. Through connection we uncover potential, and the volume of what is possible. We cannot hold the hurts (e.g. from childhood hurts) as the reason for lack of connection. Just connect. We need to connect with the Universality before we can focus on Purpose. Think big. What is the universal impact? Avoid tunnel vision, make sure we feel a clear purpose to the work we do. Approach a situation with a strong feeling of the potential for the overall project, and instead naturally navigate the way for a more inspired approach. The counter is to dampen others’ enthusiasm. By dampening, we annihilate the possibility of Brotherhood. Taken too far, dampness can manifest itself as depression or in mental health issues. We never choose dampness – we choose less power. Connection is about the ability to tap into all the abilities of the person we are with. If we believe we have an issue with someone, then really we are creating dampness to keep someone away. If we choose not to let someone in, then we will never find out who self really is.

Reading – Reading is absolute and very different to feeling. It comes from all our senses. We can sense what a movement, a way of living, should be and our eyes can confirm it as being true or not. We can sniff out what is not true in other words, and reading movement determines truth. To ‘read’ is to quickly gain a conscious understanding of what is energetically causing or feeding a situation to be what it is – everything in life is because of energy first. If we are not doing our own reading on our own issues, then we are living less than made for purpose. If rushed, racy, emotional, lacking presence or self-confidence we will struggle to get a true or good read. True life is a reading, image free. Humanity lives by images, concocted from always wanting to be something, to be somebody else, to do what others do. These images imprison us from being who we really are. When we can read that we are being held back by images then we can start to unpick those images and be who we really are.

Transparency – is the ability to behave and move truthfully and openly, without any protection or fear. It is the willingness to be seen entirely as you truly are – a gateway to universality. Once we lose the universal quality in movement or expression we lose transparency. For example, sport is a great way of protecting and it is a way of polluting transparency. The relationship of transparency and protection is the best way to assess whether or not we are ready for Universality. Protection (a common counter behaviour) brings nothing. The desire for security is a great activator of protection. The key to Transparency is movement (movement is communication) – we communicate openness, or protection, through movement. Transparency is the key to delivering the human vessel whereas Protection shuts down the vessel. We cannot defeat life through intelligence –– only through movement, which provides true intelligence.

The successful implementation of these steps is reliant on the quality of the way we live, not just what we do.

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