Fanning the Flames of Cancer

Cancer, fanned by inflammation which is caused by processed foods.

Fanning the Flames of Cancer

Inflammation, caused by ill "foods" such as sugar, carbohydrates, processed foods, fructose and the like, contribute strongly to cancer.

When it comes to the cause of cancer, Dr Fettke suggests that maybe we should blame the microscope for having distracted us for so many decades from the more obvious culprit – our nutritional choices.

This is another article in our series about recognising health professionals that are pioneering change in an industry that 'has always done it that way'. Dr Gary Fettke (Australia) and Dr Mercola (USA) have collaborated in the attached articles and video, to show the way here and to add to the slowly but surely increasing body of professionals that may soon become a force for much needed nutritional change. We just need a few more professionals to join these voices and then, maybe then, Governments will listen to why Health Budgets are busted.

The doctors’ findings, in summary, are:

  • Cancer is substantially about inflammation

  • Fructose (sugar) and Carbohydrates stripped of fibre (High Net Carbs) are prime causes of inflammation

  • Sugar and High Net Carbs are the cornerstone of the processed food industry

  • Processed food significantly contributes to cancer because most processed foods have these inflammatory ingredients at the product’s core

Cancer is on the march with the trend line heading for one in two men to be affected by cancer, one in three women to be affected by cancer and (for those who react to these stats by saying it is because we are living longer… ) the growth of children’s cancers skipping along at an incredible 3% increase per annum! It is forecast (as also presented by Dr Fettke) that there will be a 70% increase in cancers in the developing world.

If he is right, then if governments have not already been bankrupted by diabetes, they will be bankrupted by man-made cancers.

It is worth reading Dr Mercola’s article and then watching Dr Fettke’s video embedded in that article.

You don’t need to be a biochemist to understand what they have on offer here, though to non-health professionals, this content takes a little dissecting and digesting. It is worth doing.

In summary, it is quite simple – cancer thrives on the arsonists (sugar and High Net Carbs), which inflame cells and foster the cancer cells’ growth.

Despite the corrupt behaviour of the food industry that knowingly peddles its wares to the unwitting, our role should be to starve cancers by not ingesting these poisonous foods. We need to resist the marketing of processed food as the easy lifestyle choice and instead, develop a healthy understanding and behaviour around food and what the body truly needs to be well and vital.

One only has to clock the shrinking fresh food footprints in supermarkets over the past three decades to know that processed foods are grabbing the land and that our choice of healthy foods has declined during that time. There is a direct correlation between processed foods and the advance of cancer.

We are only vulnerable to fall for these foods if we allow our behaviour to control us. Have a read about the links of our behavioural idiosyncrasiesand our food choices. It is true, we live in comfort and that behaviour has much to answer for.

Best to fight fire with enlightened behaviour (fiery living!). Our much-needed boycotts of processed foods will eventually ensure that these ‘poison’ foods are without demand and will be taken off the shelves. It is up to us as individuals to take action because the food industry is gripped by greed and will not do this alone. A bit of government leadership might help too, but there are only uninspiring signs of that happening. Education on wellbeing will help a lot too, but there is plenty needed to change the ways of those institutions.

We cannot wait for them to do it for us. Every single one of us is responsible and capable of inducing change now, starting with our own healthy food choices based on a deeper sense of care and thus inspiring those around by being living proof.

It is all about energy and all is because of energy , ie. We are responsible for the kind and quality of energy we choose that is either healing or harming.

Sugar and High Net Carb products (think processed foods) are the energy fuels of cancer cells seeking growth. These are the arsonists at work, within us.

Most of us are never hungry, but we suffer cravings because we have been raised on diets laden with addictive sugar and carbohydrates low in fibre. So every time we are confronted with the ubiquitous and prominent shelves of sugary/ High Net Carb products (pretty well everywhere we go) think 'Inflammation' or even ponder 'Arson' and the chances are the cravings will quickly ease. We need to take a little time to clock the pending damage to our cells if we fall prey to the marketing ways and snake-oil-speak of the food industry at large.

Thanks to Drs Mercola and Fettke for their responsible leadership here. They too will also learn that it is not limited to only what they present here – it is also about behaviour, as presented by Serge Benhayon.

The (R)Evolution of Nutrition has begun and the flame throwers are being exposed.

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