We are living miracles – returning to our natural true inner-beauty

The Students of Universal Medicine are living a way of true health, wellbeing, vitality and quality of life that demonstrates a group of people 'living against the current trends' of our societies. The current global trend is that of increasing rates of illness, diseases, chronic pain and illness, high-stress, obesity, substance addiction and abuse, exhaustion, anxiety, and more.

Through the teachings and healing therapies of Universal Medicine, students have come to apply the principles of 'The Way of the Livingness' to their own life, and without perfection, work on dealing with their issues and un-loving behaviours and introducing self-care, love, and self responsibility into all aspects of their life.

When the principles of the loving way of living as taught by Universal Medicine are applied by people, it is consistently observed that people sustain not just an improvement in their physical health and wellbeing, but their relationships improve and their emotional/mental health improves. Even though the teachings are not aimed towards the betterment or 'fixing' of such ills directly, across the board the case reports and evidence is outstanding and unparalleled.

This is but a start to share and show the amazing changes we have seen across the student body. More photos will be added in the next weeks and month.

Below in no particular order please find visual testimonies of students of their own Livingness.

On the left you see the photos before attending Universal Medicine presentations.
On the right photos now - Living as a Student of the Innermost.

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