Before and After Marijuana

Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in Australia. It comes from the dried flowers and leaves of the plant Cannabis Sativa.

Other names for it are marijuana, marihuana, grass, pot, weed, mull, hash, dope, ganja, yarndi, joint, cone, stick, chronic, choof, dabs, dabbing, BHO.

Cannabis alters our perception of reality and this is perhaps its most potent attractive force. We are willing to wear the side-effects of the drug for the sake of some time out from a reality we are perhaps not enjoying or not coping with too well. We go there to numb ourselves from the reality we don’t want to feel, or to look for another reality, a different feeling, from our everyday lives.

Why do we need to escape from the reality we have created?

On these pages, we hear from people who chose to escape from reality by using cannabis, did not like what they found in that reality either, then chose to take responsibility for their lives, deal with their drug addiction and the problems they were facing, and now live lives filled with meaning and joy.

May you too be inspired to take responsibility for your own life and find the true joy in it, which is sourced from within . . .