Before and After Alcohol

Everyone loves a drink, right? Drinking alcohol is fun, social, normal, even good for you…or so we have been told. But studies in recent years have shown what our bodies have always known … that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption.

Many of us had already come to this conclusion on the basis of what our bodies were telling us, and when we started listening to our bodies, despite what our minds wanted to hear, we were inspired to give up drinking alcohol and to look for other ways to deal with how we were feeling. On these pages, you will find stories of why we did that, how we did that, and how we feel and live now.

And you will find some information that may inspire you to consider making the same choice too…

Is there another way?

If we are feeling we would rather life live without alcohol, is there another way?

Could it be as simple as learning to reconnect with ourselves, with the essence of who we are, and in that place, finding that we have no need for substances such as alcohol to give us relief from the tension of daily life.

For in our essence, we feel wonderful, and when we are connected with the essence of who we are, life can be magical again, even if it was not that way for us when we were young.