My number 1 job – a message from the author

My Number 1 Job - A Message from the Author

My number 1 job – a message from the author

I have worked with children pretty much since leaving school, and I have always been known as a ‘children’s person’ even when growing up – having three brothers, seven and nine years younger, I fell into a ‘carers role’ from a young age.

Working in childcare settings, as a photographer for PixiFoto, in schools as a welfare officer, in clinics as a behaviour specialist, along with being an aunty to many (either biologically or adopted) – children have always been a big part of my life. I was even one once myself!

  • I’ve seen the bruises, scrapes, scratches and scars that kids come with as they rough and tumble through life!
  • I’ve seen the consequences of accidents, illnesses and generally of people ‘not looking after their bodies’ to their full potential.
  • I’ve observed through life how we all (including myself) have tended to ignore that we have a physical body until something goes wrong with it!
  • I’ve seen the ill effects of children holding back, shrinking and not feeling safe to express all that is there for them to express.
  • I’ve known without any doubt the impact that occurs when children of all ages (0 to 100+) do not live honouring their most important job ...

Their Number 1 Job!

In the childcare setting as a young adult I started sharing with children the need to look after their body as they play. As we put Dettol and Band-Aids on fresh scrapes, we would talk about what they could do differently to look after their body as they played. We often discussed that it was "your body" and “you are in charge of making sure your body is safe and looked after at all times”.

We would discuss how important it was for them to share how they feel and that they did not need to pretend to be tough when their knee or elbow was hurting. It became common language that, “their number 1 job is to look after themselves”.

Not always living this message myself, as I partied through my 20s, I’ve since become privy to attending a number of courses run by Serge Benhayon, who has expanded and taught me the practicalities of what it really means to ‘look after and love my self’.

This is now a constant development as I deepen the love that I have for my body and myself on a daily basis!

With these new found learnings, the messages I was originally sharing have now expanded to not just a knowledge that I talked about and preached but did not practise, to one I now live and develop on a daily basis. I live in the knowing that my body and my being will be part of every moment of every day for the rest of my life ... as is the same for all of us! Thus I now know without a doubt that my number one 1 job is to love me – when I love me, I can then love and support everyone!

The messages in this book are there to support children (0 to 100+), to learn from any age what it means to truly look after our body and our being, in the knowing that our Number 1 Job is first and foremost to love ourselves.

Children are offered the wisdom to know that they are responsible for themselves and thus they are responsible for how their body and their being weather each day, week, month and year of their lives, now and ahead.

With this message, children have the opportunity to build a foundation that will support them to live and be their true potential, to be all of themselves in all parts of their future lives ... families, friends, school, work, society, the world!

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  • By Tanya Curtis, Author, Behavioural Specialist, Assoc Dip Ed. (Child Care), BHlthSci. (BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun

    Tanya is dedicated to supporting people to understand and change their unwanted behaviours and live their full potential. Tanya’s deep care and love of people shines through all of the initiative she dedicates herself to.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd