Road Gloria – a collection of testimonials

Road Gloria – a collection of testimonials

Road Gloria is the everyday and all too common story of a marriage that is not living up to its potential and the fairy tale beginning of two people coming together. But it is far more than that – it is a story about life, the meaning of life and the bigger questions we all ask or have at some point asked.

Readers love this book as an easy way to get a taste of The Ageless Wisdom and its simple living ways, albeit not always easy answers. No solutions or quick fixes in sight, but a depth and richness that inspires us all. And this is what readers have to say:

"I was gifted this book from a dear friend of mine and read each part with care as it gave me a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. I absolutely loved the way it was written as it was so easy to connect to and relate to. I truly enjoyed the simplicity of lessons that the book brought to my life. I was sad to finish it as I didn’t want it to end but can’t wait for more books to be published. Definitely recommend this book if you are asking the big questions about your place in this world and are open to see your inner truth."

Jessica (Australia)

“I just read Road Gloria and it is great. It is not just a nice story to read as entertainment, it actually offers insight in life. I had a lot of deeper realisations whilst reading this book and I love that.”

Lieke (Holland)

“A ‘could not put it down until it was finished' kind of novel; this was the kind of book that you want to buy more copies of to gift and share the magic with others.”

Nicki (Australia)

“I just finished Road Gloria. I absolutely loved it. Packed full of truth and a great story. Plenty of golden nuggets to inspire and ponder on and bring into one’s own life. A deep wisdom is offered here that we all have access to. I recommend the read.”

Rebecca (UK)

"I got a copy of Road Gloria when I was laid up in bed with a dreadful flu and could barely move. I started to read and was enthralled from the start. There is something magical and relatable about this story. As it unfolds, so does our understanding that there is much more going on in life than we care to imagine. I experienced many moments of deep realisation and appreciation, having gone through a similar discovery myself. Joel is a master of composition and writes with an authority on the first tentative steps to discovering that the way things are, need not be the way things remain."

Lee (Australia)

“Joel's a genius at making the magic of the universe deliciously and brilliantly accessible to all. A modern master story-teller.”

Otto B. (UK)

“One of my favourite authors. A master of the parable that never ceases to surprise me. The way Joel writes makes me look at the world and my place in it in a whole new way.”

Leonne B. (AU)

“Joel is a wordsmith extraordinaire who brings daring and absolute truth to anyone looking for anyone questioning how human life truly works and why ... one book that offers you space in your own time.”

Fiona W. (UK)

“Awesome writer, Joel has a way of bringing to life the spoken and written word.”

Thomas S. (AU)

“Joel Levin is a master storyteller, but like a parable every story has a purpose and offers the reader a depth of wisdom.”

Doug V. (UK)

“I love reading anything written by Joel Levin, it always has a touch of humour and there are often deep learnings presented in delightfully simple ways.”

Carmel R. (AU)

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