Shakespeare and The Ageless Wisdom

Shakespeare in his true light i.e., the context of the Ageless Wisdom

Shakespeare and The Ageless Wisdom

The works of William Shakespeare are familiar to almost all people living today – it is close to impossible for a person to escape some level of encounter with his writings by the time they reach adulthood, whether it be through education, the media of entertainment or use of words he invented (thousands of them) and the phrases and expressions he made that perfectly capture the commonality of human experience.

His works have been translated into more than 100 languages, including the fictional language of Klingon and the artificially created languages of Esperanto and Interlingua. Worldwide, modern theatre groups dedicate themselves solely to the production of his plays, successfully toying with the gender of the key players and era in which they are set. Women and men can be exchanged in key roles, just as any era can be used to serve as a backdrop to tell the tales – and naught of the power and relevance is lost in the experience of the audience. This is a phenomenon worthy of deep consideration. Another point for contemplation is the inescapable and ongoing relevance of these works, extraordinary in view of the fact that they come from an era seemingly so detached from our own by the passage of time and the growth of human knowledge, the development of gender politics, widespread social reform and the pace of medical and technological advancement.

These facts alone are worthy of us taking pause and examining with genuine wonder and willingness to bring deep understanding. This is not a demand for yet another dry intellectual analysis of the plays. Enough of this clever abstraction about Shakespeare’s writings has taken place throughout the span of years since the works were first written, serving naught beyond the satisfaction of its own academic pride and cold arrogance, and always bereft of the light of true understanding, the multidimensional brilliance of the Soul and its living wisdom.

It is this living wisdom that is now so sorely needed, with the Soul as its impulsing light. There is a call here for a genuine enquiry into the nature of us, humanity – the ones for whom the plays were written – and the real, truthful exposé offered by these hundreds of years old writings.

It is the evolutionary aspect that is so urgently required, the Soulful quality that infused the writing and presentation of these plays to the people of England at a time when the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom had, at last, been made accessible again after so many long years of suppression. This Dark Age was the tool of the dominating powers (creation, devoid of God and Universal Truth) that crushed the world and its people into such a direly reduced version of themselves that not a hint existed of their (our) true potential as Soulful beings. Still this reduction persists – in spite of (dare we say ‘because of’) our greater financial freedom, access to information, access to education, and social and geographic mobility. All this exists, it is the factual framework upon which modern life is suspended . . . and yet how few of us know ourselves by the light of our Soul, before all else?

It is extraordinary that, for all of our progress, we as a humanity have not fully escaped the hold of the Dark Age yet. Hence the need for the genuine enquiry, one that is now offered by Lyndy Summerhaze in this book, a dénouement that at last reveals the power, significance and profound value of the works of Shakespeare in the evolution of our species.

Her book is the first of its kind and the first true examination of the works of Shakespeare from the foundation of the Ageless Wisdom and the principles of The Way of The Livingness. This ground-breaking volume is the first that makes absolutely and unequivocally clear the energetic principles, the energetic truths that underlie the works of Shakespeare and hand us all the keys to unlock our own essence from the binds of creation’s insidious reduction. Through the wisdom of Lyndy Summerhaze and the brilliance of her understanding we are allowed to see what Shakespeare knew and delivered. We are extraordinary beings, utterly and intrinsically sacred, divine in origin, yet through the stranglehold of creation and its ways, we are made unfathomably less – the source of hilarious tragedy and agonising comedy.

It is worth stating, although the book itself will make the fact clear, there are reasons that the works of Shakespeare are as relevant today as the time in which they were written.

The first is that each of these works represents the truth of the way in which creation operates in and through our lives. That outplay, that energy that drives and influences our choices, remains intrinsically unchanged in spite of the passage of 400 years. Those years have passed and brought their compelling yet superficial alterations – language has changed, clothing styles altered, gendered differences have blurred into increasing obscurity and irrelevance, the pace of life and the way we live it has little in common with our distant predecessors – but in energetic terms nothing has changed – the same fury, rage, jealousy, comparison, withdrawal, aggression, arrogance and ignorance dominate every aspect of human life.

The second, and more poignant and disturbing point, is that we as a collective of beings, one humanity, have not, in the past 400 years, evolved beyond the very clear message delivered by Shakespeare’s great body of work.

In truth, we as a species could have received the message and hence been able to let the plays go, long ago – to enjoy them as historical relics and not the immediately powerful and relevant portrayals they remain today. This resolute collective failure to heed the offered point of learning and deepen into the essence of our being can be attributed to our stubborn determination to maintain and uphold the supremacy of creation’s way – in spite of its manifest harms, so clearly and unequivocally portrayed in each and every one of the plays.

Our failure to take the lesson can equally be attributed to the deliberate misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the works – a sly, cold, intellectual residue cast over them in such a way as to nudge the reader or member of the audience away from the simple grace of the energetic truth they are being offered. As such the profound unravelling of creation’s binds on their body and mind is neatly avoided.

The fact remains, so clearly highlighted in the play Hamlet as revealed by Lyndy Summerhaze, that we prefer to wander the maze of our minds and entertain ourselves with the intellectual pursuit of versions of truth – anything rather than settle into the simplicity of true Truth and hence let go to the deeper level of energetic awareness that is always on offer.

It is this latter purpose that this book serves. At long last, and so achingly overdue, we have been delivered a genuine, heart and heavenly impulsed unfolding of these works that opens the door to Truth. This is not just the truth about Shakespeare’s meaning and an unravelling of his symbology – although it does this with clarity and simplicity. This book offers a key to far deeper awakening for the contemplative reader. It is an exposé of the forces that govern an unawakened humanity, laying out for us with undeniable clarity the means by which we are played and through which we are used by energies that serve one purpose only – to divide us from knowing our essence and from true union with each other.

Shakespeare laid out the Universal Truths that we can so simply choose – and Lyndy Summerhaze has presented them with such grace that the greater understanding cannot be denied.

This book has been written at the dawning of a new Era for humanity. This is a time when we can settle for nothing less than Truth.

The dedicated student of life will be served by reading and deeply contemplating this book. It offers great and pure service to humanity as a whole. In releasing the binds and obfuscations that have deliberately cloaked these works and held us ignorant to the truth, we now have access to Energetic Truth we all could have embraced and lived so long ago.

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