Have you ever wondered about Shakespeare‘s plays and what they are really about? What was Shakespeare communicating back then in the Renaissance period to the people and what is it that makes his plays so ageless? Was he merely entertaining us or is there a greater message he artfully placed into every play he wrote?

Shakespeare’s plays are known by so many and likewise many interpretations there are. But have you ever come across an explanation of his plays that has you not only agree full-heartedly but that resonates deep within you, not only making a lot of sense but has you turn the pages to find out more and, most importantly, to understand more?

Shakespeare and The Ageless Wisdom by Lyndy Summerhaze, did just that for me.

I never understood Shakespeare’s plays. I couldn’t decipher the words and the many interpretations to be had I found flat and restricting, not igniting any interest, understanding or curiosity within me. But then I held this book in my hands and did not want to let it go.

I have always had a keen interest in history but found it overwhelming in how things were portrayed, finding myself being bombarded with dates, names, wars and so called political and religious interests, but rarely being presented with how all of that had an evolutionary impact on our living way.

What did it mean for the people living in those times and places, how evolutionary was it for them – or not?

Similarly with our so-called entertainment industry. Where is, in all that we are presented with, the evolutionary aspect, in other words what do I gain from let’s say watching a certain movie on the screen or seeing a certain play on stage?

And this too applies to what we call history. What was it like, in daily life, for the people back then, during the Renaissance in this example; what learnings and reflections did they draw from their daily life and encounters?

We call it history but in the end it is the same in our present history that already, in the next moment, will be our past history.

We are always presented with something in life but do we just go by what we have life made to be or do we observe, reflect and adjust in order to evolve out of the stagnation we have been in?

We always had entertainment in the world, nowadays for example it is the 24/7 access to movies and more, while back in Roman times it was the many gladiator games. All a distraction, not much to gain from. But every now and then we have somebody shining a light on the darkness and prison we live in, and one of them was Shakespeare. And we all know that. That there is something in his writing that is universal and touches a chord, a familiarity within us. Like the Mona Lisa. We might not consciously know what it is but there is something that mesmerises us.

Lyndy Summerhaze so beautifully and to the point unravels the true meaning of Shakespeare’s plays. She gives us an insight into the real stories he told that are nothing other than our/everybody’s story/life and the constant choices we have – to go by our deepest truth and live it in every moment or be diverted by the many distractions the world we live in relentlessly bombards us with.

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  • By Esther Andras