A superb offering this book of photography by Glenys Peacock is – an offering of reflection, an invitation to repose and settlement, a deeply enriching simplicity of the what is, offered by the photographer and shared with us all.

And in that, the location of the one who holds the camera and the one who holds this book in their hands are equally as important: the offer is there, but what do we do with it, how do we handle it, what do we see?

Serge Benhayon in his foreword introduces to us the word ‘underlook’; we are, of course, all familiar with ‘overlook’ – our physical eyes, habitual and set on repetition and sameness as they are, assume that they already know what there is to be seen and are thus firmly implanted in the past and forever repeating it – the present does not truly exist and what is seen is reduced to a pale reminiscence of what has already been sighted and is its pale and almost lifeless replica from another point in so-called time, another occurrence. Or, vision races ahead in the expectation of delight, stimulation and or excitement and establishes itself in some imagined and hoped for multi-coloured and more exciting and bedazzling future. And again, the true present is absent.

What happens when we underlook something? We do not give the offering its due and dismiss it, hold it as lesser than what our expectation had conveniently conjured for us. And in that scenario, nothing ever measures up, everything is mundane and same, same, no different. We miss out in this created scenery of our inner desert; we do not stop, we do not engage; we refuse to be enriched by what is on offer, we resist the advance.

But our eyes are not in truth made to go out and see, look, get, scan or catch. They are there to receive and our whole body best served if we do just that – in the settlement of true enrichment, deepening and expansion are allowed.

Enjoy what is on offer here, this bouquet of repose, settlement and loving focus; your sight might never be the same again and the present a regular occurrence.

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  • Photography: Glenys Peacock