Stillness is a quality of 'being' naturally within us all.

"Once you know yourself in your living stillness, there is nothing in this world that is greater than you."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 103

So what exactly is stillness, and why is it important in our lives?

The word stillness is usually associated with lack of movement, standing still, a quietness or calm, but in truth, stillness is a constant vibrational movement of energy that has a natural harmonious rhythm and flow.  

Stillness is a quality of being that is naturally within every one of us.

Why is it that we can sense a stillness and ease when we are surrounded by nature, in the quiet of the dawn or looking into a starry sky? We do know stillness – the qualities that we feel in nature are the same qualities within us. But given the busyness of our lives, we may not have given these qualities the space to be. There is a rhythm and order in nature that is also our natural rhythm. Nature is simply a reflection of the living stillness within us, and we can at any moment choose to reconnect to this quality within our own bodies.

And so, stillness is not something we need to go in search of or attain as it is our natural state of being. It requires no effort, simply a surrender, a letting go and allowing of that which is naturally there within – a quality of being that we can take into all of our movements in life. When we move from the rhythm of stillness there is no drain or exhaustion felt in the body.

With the busyness of our lives today and the constant motion and stimulation of the world around us, we could question if it is actually possible to live from our innate stillness. When we look around us we see little evidence that stillness is a possibility, let alone our natural state.

However we do have a choice to re-connect to the living stillness within by being fully present and aware in our bodies. When we are consciously present with our body, we bring a focus and quality of presence to what we are doing, allowing the natural gentleness of our body to guide us. We then naturally begin to re-balance and restore inner and outer harmony.

The modality of Esoteric Yoga offers a practical way that supports us to know what the choice to be gentle and present feels like and to re-connect to stillness via our physical bodies. Through a consistency of being with ourselves in this gentle way, we can re-connect to the innate quality of stillness, which then flows into our everyday lives.

It is from the foundation of stillness that we can build true harmonious rhythms in life, where we express this quality through us in the way we think, move, speak and act. Living from this foundational connection, there is a natural steadiness that supports us in all aspects of our lives.

"If all motion had stillness as its foundation, the movement of human life would know itself by a harmonious rhythm."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 366

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Moving with stillness

Stillness is a quality that can be found inside our body and expressed outwardly through movement.

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