Books that are challenging, yet make so much sense

Though challenging at times, these books make sense of the human dilemma.

Books that are challenging, yet make so much sense

I have read most of Serge Benhayon's books and have found them challenging in some of what has been presented, but I can clearly say that what he has written makes so much sense to me. Much, much more sense than any books I have read by any other author.

I am 53 years of age now, so this is saying something as I have read many, many books over the years looking for something that may make sense of what it is to be human and what it is to be a human living in this world, and to what purpose is our existence.

The bits I found challenging are of the sphere that relates to how we fit in the whole universe and how this affects EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE: also, some of our past history throughout the ages with what we have done as humans to ourselves in physical form.

However, even with these challenges I cannot deny the facts presented in Serge's books that I do relate to in my own life and how I experience living life with others on a local and also a world scale. The words that are written speak to the whole of my being and are not just there to satisfy my mind.

What is presented in the books has been very powerfully confirmed when I have attended workshops and courses with Serge. What I experienced proves to me that although I may not always understand or have a grasp of all that is presented in the books, when I observe Serge and his physical movements in space and the amazing quality that his movements have, this to me is proof that he lives in accordance to the principles presented in his works.

Serge's books talk of there being two different energies that we as human beings can express in. For me this makes sense as there have been many times I have expressed or spoken to others with harshness or in anger, or even in a quality of being 'nice' to someone when underneath I am feeling angry or frustrated with that person. This energy definitely has a quality to it that in my body can feel hard, cold and empty of warmth or any real connection to another person or to myself. Even when I am in this energy and I am not always aware of it, there is always underneath in me something that says that this is not a great way to be and I know that it does not fit with how I know I could be with others and myself.

How we choose to live and express in our lives each and every moment of the day can make a huge difference not just for ourselves, but also for everyone on this planet.

I know for myself I do not always express in harmony with all around me, but it is something I am now aware of and work on bit by bit to make this more in my life than it has been before. This understanding I am developing is in no small measure due to the books and workshops that Serge has written and presented.

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