Right to the point, down to earth and honest

A Testimonial by Karen Adams about Serge Benhayon’s books

Right to the point, down to earth and honest

I was never someone you would call a reader. Reading was for me, most of the time, sort of boring and stressful, even when it was written in my mother tongue (German). I either did not get it or I found something else that got me interested instead ... when I read I was consuming, dreaming away.

Every word written by Serge Benhayon keeps me where I am. There is no reason to 'fly away'.

It's like: YES, finally something written for a TRUE reason, that is turning things around, that is worth reading over and over again ...

Breaking through, sometimes challenging – but also playful and even humorous at times. Best of all, it leaves you with yourself, with no way of re-interpretation and has no convincing or coercive personal intentions or hidden messages that you have to figure out . You can take it or leave it - pretty simple. Right to the point, down to earth and honest, like I never experienced it before - and I mean what I say!

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  • By Karen Adams