Paradigm-breaking writings of the 21st century

Writings from the Ageless Wisdom that serve the divine purpose.

Paradigm-breaking writings of the 21st century

Written from a living embodiment of all that is presented, the works of Serge Benhayon are the most all-encompassing, deeply healing and paradigm breaking writings of the 21st century that will serve humanity for the next millennium and beyond.

The impress in which these books are written comes directly from the Universal Intelligence of God and The Hierarchy, our fellow brothers who have arisen from the illusions and limitations of this world and serve humanity from the realms of Heaven. These teachings are the continuation of the Ageless Wisdom; ancient divine counsel that empowers us to return to the multi-dimensional awareness we are originally from and reclaim our Divine Sonship as a one-unified brotherhood.

A rich source of divine knowing, every publication demystifies the false information we have allowed to abound about our esoteric intuition, spiritual evolution, divine purpose, expression and responsibility in this world, giving us solid, tried and tested practical guidance on how we can re-connect to the Universal Intelligence and Love of God within us all.

Serge Benhayon has resurrected the ancient teachings of philosophy, science and religion, unifying once more the three pillars of God in ‘The Way of The Livingness’.

The depth of universal wisdom that abounds in every volume breaks down the many paradigms we have grown to accept without question, such as the nature of Energy and Energetic Impulse, our relationship with Time and Space and the true qualities of Love, Free Will and Harmony. Consequently, the way to resume full responsibility for our lives, expression, relationships, commitment and purpose is clearly laid before us, empowering us to return to our inherent divinity in a world that relentlessly seeks to make us renounce our glorious Universality.

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  • By Rowena Stewart, Hospitality and Retail Manager