I would not give these books up for anything

A testimonial by Golnaz Sheriatzadeh on Serge Benhayon’s series of books

I would not give these books up for anything

I love Serge Benhayon’s Books. Each of them is a priceless gift and support in my development. I have never been able to read any of them all in one go, unlike other books.

If a book was a television episode, any one of Serge’s Books feels like a multi-series all in one!

I have re-read each book many times. But the funny thing is that it never feels like a re-visit, it always feels like the first time - The only difference is that each time what I read feels more familiar and I reach a deeper understanding. This is even the case if I choose to visit previous chapters in the same book that I am reading!

I am not surprised about this. Serge’s Books are written with such recognition and respect for my Divine essence and my inner wisdom that I seem to rise up to that. So, for example, when I read a section about responsibility, it is not just the words that I take in, I seem to be also feeling, reassessing and reconfiguring my personal relationship with responsibility and everything to do with it as I read.

Of course each time I re-read one of Serge’s Books I am at a different stage in my life, so what I bring with me is different and my relationship with the book is different. It IS the first time.

Serge's Books are like my personal life support buddies, they come out for short chats and each chat is profound and deeply confirming of who I am. Sometimes it is too profound for my brain and I fall asleep halfway through the page! Then I wake up with a greater understanding and appreciation of life.

I would not give these books up for anything.

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  • By Golnaz Shariatzadeh