‘Serge's Books’ are a form of medicine

A testimonial by Johanna Fredericks on Serge Benhayon’s ‘Purple Books’

‘Serge's Books’ are a form of medicine

What Serge's books have offered me . . .

All of Serge's books have been a great support to me in the last 6 years – I have read them all. I read sentences, paragraphs or pages as I feel to. The words from the Ancient Wisdom ring true to me and I find them to have a huge amount of integrity and honesty that allow me to take responsibility for myself. There is no following or dictation, just energetic presentation.

I love the words of the Ageless Wisdom, because they share that it starts with:

  • Self

  • A connection to Self

  • Saying that you are All Knowing, you are an equal Son of God and have that same loveliness within.

It just takes connection and self-love while you also discard all the choices, patterns, beliefs and ideals that you have taken on that are not you (that haven’t truly honoured you).

There is no room for power to be given away, as Love and being responsible for self is a key.

What Serge's books bring . . .

These books bring clarity and truth. They are teachings that I visit regularly. They are a form of medicine that can be lived, reflected on and pondered on. They have supported my development back to my true self, a development that continues. I read them –

  • as a reminder of who we truly are

  • to appreciate

  • to have clarity

  • to ponder

  • to deepen

The words of the Ageless Wisdom have so many layers ... I find once I see or understand one level then there is another to consider.

"The path back to Soul-fullness for many is indeed long. This is due to the many ill pranic choices that one has made and thus indulged in. However, the path back to Soul-fullness need not be without Soul connection and this is what the Ageless Wisdom has always said and thus taught to all and whomever cared or took the self-responsibility to listen. The key, as the Ageless Wisdom teaches, is to begin knowing that you are the Son of God. This truth permanently rests within the inner-heart and it can be felt by simply connecting to that place we call – our inner-most – the inner-heart. When this connection is sought, first and foremost, the discarding of the pranic over-load, that is, the many ill-choices and indulgent forays that came with those choices, will lovingly begin to transmute away from one’s inner spiritual body and thus the penchant to exist through them begins to dissipate and eventually leave altogether.”

Serge BenhayonThe Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 363

I have not read or felt anything like what Serge's books present so clearly anywhere else; I treasure the fact that they exist.

Thank you to the Hierarchy, the work and huge inspiration of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and all who make up the Student Body. This group is living proof that it is possible to live-Love.

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  • By Johanna Smith, BA Education, Grad. Cert. Early Childhood, EPA Recognised, Teacher, Mother, Wife

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