The most profound read in a long time

The Way It Is was the first book published by Serge Benhayon, and I loved it.

I had never read anything like it, in fact after I had finished it I started to read it again, page by page and it revealed itself to me even more.

I had tried to read philosophical literature many times before, but never made it past the first few pages. But this book was different; even though the mind gets taken around in circles, which can be a bit confusing, the rest of the body and the being feel so at ease.

The riches of this book are unfathomable; you can read one paragraph again and again and feel deeper into it each time and discover more layers and revelations.

The most profound read in a long time.

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  • By Judith Andras, Medical Store Consultant and Naturopath

    Works as a sales advisor and practitioner for a German medical supply chain and is dedicated to bringing joy and probity back into everybody’s life.