The impact of diet on our Livingness

The impact of diet on our Livingness

The impact of diet on our Livingness

Many people ask me how I do it, how do I always look so vital, am consistent and willing to support with whatever is needed, even though I work, have three young children and am 46 years old.

It has not always been like this, I look and feel younger and more vital now in my late 40’s than I did in my twenties.

The decision came in my mid-twenties, something had to change, I had been unwell most of my life, on and off from birth and had become physically and emotionally exhausted with Fibromyalgia, it was time to re-assess how I was living and the choices I was making.

This process was started by a session with Serge Benhayon, life-changing is an understatement, it inspired me to truly change my life.

From that moment onward I started to observe how I lived and the choices I made, how they impacted on my body and if those choices left me feeling vitalised, supported and expanded, or was I exhausted, overwhelmed and drained.

I began to build a routine and rhythm that supported me at bedtime; I would not sit up late and fall asleep in front of the TV, instead choosing to set a bedtime that I felt would support me to get the sleep I needed. If I was tired before that time, I would go to bed.

Choosing foods that did not place pressure on my body but instead were light, easy to digest, nourishing and nurturing.

Carbohydrates also took a back seat, along with gluten and dairy being omitted due to the heaviness they caused in my body and the dampness I could feel on my chest.

Alcohol was something I did as a reward after a big day or week at work. When I made the choice to give it up it was amazing, the change in my face and body was incredible.

With the shift in food and alcohol, I lost all the bloating I was carrying around, I knew it was food and alcohol-related because as soon as I went back to have one last try, the bloating and heaviness would return, it was instant.

The more I listened to my body the clearer the messages were.

These two things alone made a huge impact on my health and well-being, my vitality increased, my aches and pains began to ease, I was less stressed, nowhere near as overwhelmed and was able to handle what life threw at me without the reactions I once indulged in.

I continued to make adjustments to my diet and sleep patterns depending on what was needed; it was daily, I could never allow myself to get comfortable, my body was forever shifting and deepening, my awareness of the choices I made and the impact they had was becoming more and more obvious.

Food and sleep were the most obvious things in my life I felt I needed to start with, as the days and months went on other addictions I had, patterns and choices, began to stand out.

Why I ate what I ate, the size of my meals, was it driven by a choice to nourish or bludgeon my body; did I want to avoid feeling something that was going on around me or an emotion I had buried for who knows how long.

Two simple, but very powerful choices that have led to many shifts, changes and developments over the past 25 years, all of which inspired by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

The esoteric modalities offered have supported me to build a connection with my body, to live with a level of responsibility I had not chosen before.

I am now at 46 years of age living with a greater level of vitality, health and well-being.

Food and sleep are my go-to tools. They are my 101’s when I am feeling flat or not quite myself. I always go back to these two things, observing the kinds of foods I have been eating or craving. Are they foods that support me to feel light and vital or do they make me feel lethargic, heavy and seeking more? I find it is a great marker and a perfect reflection that exposes exactly where I am at in myself. The food I reach for shows me if I am avoiding a tension in my body, an emotion or issue that I am avoiding, or am I willing and open to see and deal with whatever is being presented. If I am not open and willing, the foods become heavy, dulling or stimulating, things such as sweets, coffee, fried foods or pasta, if I am open they are lighter, easily digested, such as salads, vegetables, lean meat, fish and seafood.

The food I choose either allows me to feel and deal with life or avoid it. It is from this choice my sleep can be supportive, sound and healing or not. It is these two things I find that support me the most to maintain a level of awareness and a connection with my body and what is going on around me. It keeps the simplicity in my life, building connection and responsibility.

We have one life in this body, and we are the custodians of it, we are the ones responsible for what we put in or call in. What energy we align to and allow to move us.

It all comes down to a choice, to free will.

Yes, we can blame this that and the other in life, but at the end of the day it is up to us as to what movements and choices we make.

Healthy living is just that, what choices do you make?

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Questioning your choices

We are responsible for all the choices that we make therefore should we be questioning our choices?

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