Going gluten free does not require a gluten intolerance diagnosis

Going gluten free does not require a gluten intolerance diagnosis

Going gluten free does not require a gluten intolerance diagnosis

Going Gluten free can be as simple as we make it, and of course, not without challenges: but then again, a myriad of our daily choices can be testing. It is important to note that one definitely does not require a gluten intolerance diagnosis in order to go gluten free.

When it comes to ditching gluten, it is almost like there is this deliberate set up all around us that ‘wants’ us to fail!

With a plethora of cafes, patisseries, bakeries and other eating parlours emanating tantalising smells of baked goods, and amazing somewhat ‘seductive’ looking cakes with most inviting textures, our temptation can at times reach extreme levels.

Although the trend is ever so slowly changing as we see an increase in gluten free foods in supermarkets, shops and marketplaces, compared to foods containing gluten, they are still relatively inaccessible.

Hence, some careful planning and organisation around meals and snacks is required and highly recommended; this does not have to be seen as an encumbrance, but rather as a loving support.

Perhaps the main ingredient required would be to start developing a much deeper and caring relationship with our body and ourselves, which in turn would make our choice to go gluten free much more effortless.

Going Gluten Free may be a major lifestyle change, but given the great benefits many have reported experiencing, it could just be well worth the effort!

And remember, we do not need to be diagnosed as gluten intolerant to make that choice.

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