Weight loss from the inside out

Are you looking for a way to lose weight for good? You may have tried so many diets only to find they were a recipe for misery and not for weight loss.

What we have here are articles by and stories of people who have lost weight without dieting – including many who have lost weight effortlessly.

  • How is that possible?
  • What is their secret?

As you read through, you will see that the common thread is that at some point they all asked –

Is it possible that we have been looking at weight loss in the wrong way?

In fact, they all began to consider that:

We have been looking at weight loss from the outside in ...

rather than from the inside out.

Often we have looked to make outside changes – losing weight by dieting and rigorous exercise – in the hope that these changes will provide a feeling of well-being and acceptance via a slim body. We are often disappointed when our efforts do not give the results we crave or we cannot sustain our efforts.

However, what if there is a weight loss secret that we can all learn from?

When you start with connecting within first, then changes on the outside naturally begin to take place.

When we look at weight loss from the inside out it becomes possible to break away from:

  • Ideals of how we should look
  • Seeing weight loss as being only the result of our diet and exercise efforts, and,
  • Using food for all the things it was never meant to be used for (emotional comfort, stress relief, etc).

Now that might sound like a lot of hard work – and looked at from the ‘outside in’ it is – from the outside in we could only do it with rules and restrictions as to how we have to be and behave – counting calories, measuring, trying hard to lose weight, struggling with relapses and all the while wanting to eat what has to be denied or controlled.

And that is the problem with life – we don’t live to just be ourselves, we live putting an enormous effort into who we are meant to be – slim, happy, successful – or what we are meant to do – the roles of being good, smart, beautiful, sexy – all to fit in and get it ‘right’. In this way of living, who we are within is lost in all the trying to be who we think we should be instead. That is how life comes to be lived from the outside in.

To live life from the inside out is a very, very different experience

The answer to finding our true weight and a new way of being with ourselves (and changing our relationship to food and our bodies forever), is something so simple that at first you may say (as did initially the authors on this site), "This is so simple it cannot possibly be true!" – but we can show you that it is, because ...

True weight comes with true connection to who you are on the inside

These pages will not be selling you an ideal weight – rather they will show you that an ideal weight does not exist.

What these pages offer is the possibility that life lived from a true connection can offer a whole different approach to weight loss. The accounts of everyday people finding their way back to a true weight are inspirational and can show us that there is a different way – we do not need to be at the mercy of the latest diet or exercise trend – all that we need is already within us.

On these pages you will find examples of how true weight came not from dieting but from developing a true connection with ourselves.

What is true connection?

Finding a true connection is not an immediate solution to all your weight issues. In fact it can mean that you have to feel a lot that has been kept hidden under your weight issues (whether you struggle with feeling too fat or too thin).

True connection is developed and built with consistency over time.

You can read and see here true accounts and pictures, explore a program that begins to show you the flavour of what connection means and read articles that can support you to turn your life and weight around from the inside out.

What the articles on this site all have in common is that they show what is possible when we begin to develop a connection with our inner-most selves and this process is supported simply by starting to build a more loving connection with our body.

Beyond tactics of mind over matter and the sheer will power that dieting and weight loss regimes demand, you may discover a way to live with your body (listening, learning and unfolding from the inside out) and discovering along the way that permanent weight loss is a natural consequence of connecting back to who we are and living it again.

Did you know your body has ‘markers' and, as Serge Benhayon shares in the audio link below, they have a huge impact on our relationship with food? Listen to the audio below to understand more about the markers our bodies naturally have.

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