Learning to lose weight by making more loving choices

Losing weight by learning to love myself and making more loving choices

Learning to lose weight by making more loving choices

I have been on a diet for most of my life, since I was 12. My dieting started around the time I found out that my Dad was having an affair.

The day I found out, he was catching a train to go to Sydney to meet the woman he was seeing. Mum had asked him not to go as she knew what was going on. I remember that she had on a white dress with tiny black spots, she had just had a hair cut and she looked beautiful, although she was carrying extra weight. I feel now that at this time something in my head connected being overweight with men having affairs. My twelve-year-old self thought it was her fault, and associated being overweight with pain and loss.

For the next 40 years I dieted. Each week I would start a diet on Monday and last until about Wednesday and then give up. I remember that the only thing I thought about was not eating, and the only thing I wanted to do was eat.

At the age of about 32 a friend and I went on a diet together, although I was 56 kilos then and definitely not overweight – in fact I was probably my perfect weight. From then on, until I was 52, I would continue watching my weight going up and down.

The more I watched my weight, the bigger I got.

I remember my body complaining all the time – my stomach would feel bloated and I looked pregnant. I was constantly constipated and suffered with irritable bowel syndrome. When I got up in the morning everything felt stiff and my left hip felt like I was on the way to a hip replacement. I felt like I had to slowly start moving each morning in order to get my body working, as if I needed my joints oiled.

At one stage, when I was about 50, I went to Weight Watchers, but I actually put on eight kilos over eight months as I was introduced to light snacks such as cake and biscuits, which I did not usually eat.

One night while my husband and I were watching TV we saw the finalists in the Weight Watchers annual competition on who had lost the most weight. My husband lovingly asked if I was on the same diet! We both laughed and I stopped going to Weight Watchers.

Around this time my husband and I went away for 3 months on a road trip. I had reached 76 kilos by then and I felt puffy, overweight and uncomfortable.

My children had given me an iPod for my birthday and they had loaded on it talks by Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine. I listened to these talks for a while each day as we were driving.

Serge talked about making loving choices in the way we live. So simple – yet it changed my life in every way. It was like a different way of living started to run through me. Every part of my life slowly became simpler ... no more ups and downs.

  • I started to question what I was eating, and why I would want to eat something that made me feel yuck

  • I started to look more closely at how I felt after I ate something, noticing if it bloated me or made me feel lethargic

  • I started to read the ingredients on packages

  • I chose not to eat gluten or dairy

  • I stopped drinking coffee and alcohol

There was no dieting,

I was simply feeling what felt right for my body to eat

"The true definition of discipline is always when you put self-love first – once you know something works to sustain you in your inner-most, where the esoteric is, it is no longer a discipline but becomes part of your loving way."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 381

My weight slowly started to fall away. I didn’t get on the scales. If I made a choice that was not good my body would tell me and that was what I listened to – two years later I ended up at 56 kilos.

Now I am constantly listening to my body and it tells me if I need to adjust what I’m eating. What my body needs is forever changing and so are my choices.

60% Complete

What is the best diet for me?

Choosing what to eat is not about losing weight or following the latest diet, it is an individual process of self-discovery as your body tells you what food best suits you.

I am now 60 years of age and feel vital and full of energy. Since giving up gluten and dairy I have no stomach pains, constipation or stiff joints and no need for a hip replacement.

My body feels amazing and if someone were to ask me how old I am I have to stop and remember that I am 60, as I want to say 35, because that is how old I feel, only much better than I did at that age. I now have more energy than I have ever had, and I have an absolute love of my body and of me. I have grown into my skin and it fits me perfectly.

Now if people ask me how I lost so much weight I say that it was learning to love myself, and that from there it was easier to make more loving choices in what I ate and how I live.

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