Is being a teacher making you tired?

Is being a teacher making you tired?

Is being a teacher making you tired?

Teaching can be an exhausting profession and we can often feel burnt out at the end of term. We are in it for the long run and it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Making simple changes to our self-care routine can have a massive impact on our overall vitality and wellbeing. We may not see immediate results but over time each little change builds to form a solid foundation that holds us steady in a relentless and unforgiving profession. These changes can be as simple as going to bed half an hour earlier, making a nourishing lunch to take to work or drinking enough fluid in the day. Put simply, becoming more aware of the physical body and what it needs and being responsive to that can make all the difference.

A group of educators were asked what advice they would give a teacher who was ready to make changes to their life in order to be fit for school. Join their conversation.

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Making changes to support as teachers

A discussion between educators about how they made changes to stay fit for the teaching profession and dealt with their tiredness.

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