Does age give us wisdom, or is it available at any age?

Are we caught up in a false notion that age equals wisdom? Is this played out in beliefs and sayings such as ‘respect your elders’ or ‘you are too young to know’?

Starting out we can look at dictionary definitions to see what the everyday understanding of these two words is:
Age: ‘the length of time that a person has lived, or a thing has existed’
Wisdom: ‘the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement’

And from these definitions it is plain that having a ‘length of time alive’ does not in any way guarantee being wise. “I remember, as a child, that I was sure that once you reached a certain age you would have the whole life thing sorted… and realising both in observation of those older than me and as I got older that this was definitely not the case.”

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The agelessness of an elder

The beauty of what an elder can bring regardless of their age.

Let’s go beyond the dictionary definition of wisdom and consider it in greater depth. Yes, it is about having experience and knowledge, but true wisdom comes when we live this, as in, embody it in the way we move, talk and respond to each other and what is going on around us.

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Nominating leads to wisdom

In being open and honest to question your choices you have the wisdom to feel the truth of the choices you have made.

There is no autopilot in wisdom. It is a quality we can feel both in ourselves and others that is assured, steady, inspiring and inclusive. Wisdom is a quality that we can feel when we are not living in the rush and frenetic activity that is the pace of the world we have created.

So, to review: wisdom and knowledge – the significant but oh so subtle difference between heart and head. Throughout history our education system has been based on developing our brains, with little if any consideration for or valuing of us as whole beings (born as a full package, brimming with the innate love and wisdom of the ages). So is our current focus a distraction from and dismissal of the depth of wisdom we have access to in our inner-hearts?

When we accept that our inner-heart is the central office – through which comes true impulse – we access our innate wisdom, our connection to universal truth, which is always there, albeit often buried in and under and coping with the busy-ness of life.

It is like honouring the wisdom of a child’s voice, knowing that this is always within us, whatever our age; realising that we can be in the presence of true wisdom expressed by people of all ages, educational backgrounds, occupations, gender, nationality . . . yes, we all have the Ageless Wisdom within our bodies waiting for us to accept and live this fact – we are all ONE.

“The ageless wisdom – belongs to us all – equally.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy p 353

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  • By Matilda Bathurst, BSc Hons, RGN, RM, PGCE (Primary)

    A life enthusiast, nurturer and willing learner; mother, teacher, walker extraordinaire, registered midwife & nurse. Thriving into my elder years.

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