Ageless Wisdom Teachings hosted by CoUM

"The ageless wisdom – Belongs to us all – equally."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, p 353

The Ageless Wisdom Teachings (AWT formally known as EDG) is a very popular series of educational events hosted by the College of Universal Medicine.

The AWT consists of a monthly two hour presentation as well as an online series of news items and messages. The presentations are not only highly educational and illuminating but also fun, playful and celebratory with on many occasions live music included.

A bank of experts give very real and practical presentations on a variety of subjects that relate to everyday life. These include science, medicine, healing, energy, education, linguistics, psychology, counselling, corporate work, and much more.

The AWT also showcases the Before and After Project, demonstrating the dramatic changes in the quality of health and being-ness of ordinary people living the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

"Once the student becomes aware of the Ageless Wisdom as a living fact, either directly through their own inner-connection or through the trusted study of its true teachers, there is a coveted stimulus, as the student becomes aware that the Ageless Wisdom itself comes from a body of life that they also come from. It is this very Divine and thus immutable principle that all students of the Esoteric School must heed most, for it is your work being re-revealed to you that you are actually participating in. "

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, p 306

History of AWT and EDG

On Friday 17th August 2007, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine commenced the Esoteric Developers Group (EDG). The EDG generally ran for about two hours and was a very practical forum to support with the day to day application of the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom in every day life.

Over time the EDG grew and grew and as the students developed and started living the teachings they commenced presenting alongside Serge Benhayon.

The first EDGs were held on Friday nights at community halls in Bangalow, NSW Australia. They very quickly outgrew those premises and moved to a Byron Bay Public Hall, which was able to hold about 120 participants. It was not long until that venue was also full to bursting! By early 2010 the event was moved to a Saturday afternoon and held at a Byron Bay Public School which was able to accommodate over 200 participants. As the numbers of participants wishing to attend these life changing and practical presentations continued to grow it moved once again to a bigger venue in Lennox Head.

In 2012 live webcast was introduced at 17 locations, enabling many more students around the globe to attend the presentations at their local host site. By 2014, live and recorded events were available to 77 different group sites, across 18 countries.

By now the format of the presentation had proved so popular with the community and there was such a diversity of presenters that it ceased being presented by Universal Medicine and transitioned to being hosted and presented by the College of Universal Medicine, a community based charitable institution.

The College of Universal Medicine is dedicated to bringing educational events to men and women that touch on all aspects of life, to offer them a way forward that enables every person to access true health, and the innate and natural joy, vitality and true wellbeing that are the right of every human being.

You may enrol for the Ageless Wisdom Teachings here

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