Using The Gentle Breath Meditation® to connect

Using the Gentle Breath Meditation® to Connect

Using The Gentle Breath Meditation® to connect

The Gentle Breath Meditation® is the first meditation out of many that I have tried, that doesn't feel like a chore to do, and doesn't take me away from myself in the way that visualization meditations tend to do.
Through this beautifully simple technique, I've become more in touch with my body and how I react or respond to what's going on around me, and am better able to bring myself back to me. I love spending this time with myself each day.
Julie Goodhart, Human Resources Consulting and Professional Coaching, Vermont, USA. Age 41

The Gentle Breath Meditation® has been SO helpful in my life for the past 5 years, bringing me back to me. It is about simply connecting - to me. I have practiced various meditation techniques over the past 25 years - including TM, mindfulness, visualisations etc., but this one is the business, or rather not the "busy-ness" but more of the be-ing-ness. And you don't have to sit for hours in unspeakable positions!
Sue, UK, Age 63

The Gentle Breath Meditation® taught by Universal Medicine is simply that - gentle, and upon learning the simple technique, I found my body resonated with it immediately. My own ability to breathe gently into my body became a marker for me to come back to at any time of the day – a way of bringing my focus back to me and the present, slowing the raciness of my day.
Jo Swinton, Ladies Boutique Owner, Bangalow, NSW, Age 45

The Gentle Breath Meditation® is like a walk in the forest; all the outward noise & stress vanish. You start to hear the different birds, see all kinds of animals and you smell nature and feel yourself. You start to like the taste of it.
With the Gentle Breath Meditation® I can have all of this on a busy day at work, in the toilet or the kitchen or even at my desk.
Sonja Ebbinghaus, Export Administrator, Mother and Beautiful Woman, Age 41

I love how the Gentle Breath Meditation® very simply supports me being with me. It helps remind me to breathe my own breath in all the varied everyday things that come up and not to breathe what is going on for others. Breathing my own breath is worth remembering.
Sandra Williamson, Hairdresser, Brisbane, Age 53 years young

I found the Gentle Breath Meditation® after trying dozens of different meditations that never really felt like they helped to bring me back to a consistent place of stillness that I could go to when I felt like I was letting the world change how I felt about myself.
This is the beauty of this meditation, as I find that it's like coming home to myself every time I practice it, and the depth that one can go to seems infinite.
So simple, yet profound, in that in 5 minutes I can reconnect to my inner stillness that is there waiting for me, and then get on with the day feeling the wonderful shift of energy that I am in while living my life in more fullness.
Michael Goodhart, Builder and Artist, Bristol, Vermont, USA

The gentle breath technique is a reconnection to my gentle, tender, divine self that has filtered into my daily action, movements and living. I now have a greater awareness of self-responsibility and am aware of how I am being in this world, as well as being able to feel how others are being and having the ability to observe that without taking it on.
It has been a huge practical support in my reclaiming of myself. A blessing, to my home and work environments.
Johanna Fredericks, Primary Teacher and Mother, Perth, WA

The Gentle Breath Meditation® has supported me to connect to my own tenderness and establish an internal reference point from which I can support myself throughout my daily life. I have been able to discern the quality and impact of my every day choices, from what I eat to how I work, rest and play, gradually changing these choices in favour of my tenderness.
Consequently and unexpectedly, my health, mental and emotional wellbeing has simply flourished, supporting me to live life with a joy and vitality previously thought to be unattainable.
Rowena Stewart, Receptionist, Somerset, U.K, Age 47

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