Moving as I, affecting the All

Does how you move has a ripple effect on everything and everyone?

Moving as I, affecting the All

We consider that we own our bodies, and that we own the movements of that body, and in a sense we do, but this is very focussed on an understanding of our physical body as just a delineated object, one that can move autonomously in space, and it does. But there is so much more to it than that.

We can see this much clearer in water than on land, in a swimming pool say; notice how every single move you make causes a ripple and that ripple goes far and wide, well beyond where you’ve in fact moved, and it continues long after you’ve stopped moving. It’s a fun experiment to do and watch and see how your ripples move and extend and how you can in fact meet your own ripples coming back on you. It’s no different on land. How we move impacts and affects well beyond what we see, and it matters.

Let’s take this deeper than just the physical movements and consider that how we are feeling also has ripple effects. Let’s say that I’m angry, that I’m frustrated, or that I’m sad, and we move with that emotion and consider the ripples going out well beyond our bodies, well beyond the space we can even see. How does that impact others; do we even consider this, truly consider this as we go about our day to day lives?

We often move as if we exist in a vacuum, as if we have a right to move in any way we see fit and that we’re entitled to do so, but do we consider that impact that has?

Do we live and move knowing that every move we make in fact matters? That how I move around my house affects my next door neighbours, my estate, the area around me, and this cuts both ways – we can move and stomp around our house in anger and frustration or we can move in the grace and joy of the divinity we are, and either way it matters, and it has an impact; the energy of it ripples out to all around us, it leaves an imprint there for others to pick up on, it validates that way of moving and makes it acceptable and more possible for others.

I’ve observed myself and family members of mine when we’re depressed and there’s a particular movement that comes with it, and that movement entrenches us in our depression and makes it acceptable. On a recent conference call I suddenly noticed I really wasn’t bothered about the person I was talking to, that I didn’t want to be there and noticed my posture – I was slouching down in my chair. I decided to sit up straight and it immediately changed how I felt and our interaction; it can be that simple.

The bigger, wider picture is that we entrench movements by choosing to align with what we are reflected in life, and it can free or incarcerate us. We can be inspired by seeing another move freely in the world, unaffected by the misery around them, or we can take on that misery and be incarcerated by that energy. We can move in the joy of who we are or in the misery of beating ourselves up, and each has a movement: which one do we make?

At times we will feel sad, angry, in grief and we need to acknowledge and feel those moments and those feelings, but we can move in a sensitivity of being and feeling that without compounding and being hard on ourselves we can be fragile, we can give ourselves the space, and it’s a very different way, an honouring way to embrace all of who we are and how deeply sensitive we are.

Every move matters, and we can change our state of being in an instant based on how we move. So let’s walk knowing the impact of our movements and feeling our own ripples, knowing that we’re all part of something grand, and that:

"Nothing is nothing because everything is everything."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 302

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