To dairy or to dairy free? Our body holds the answer ...

To Dairy or not to Dairy – the decision is in our bodies and not our heads

To dairy or to dairy free? Our body holds the answer ...

How many of us have bought into those familiar catch cries that could be major contributors to our dairy free diet dilemmas?

  • Oh, but it's good for us!
  • How else would we get the calcium?
  • What do we eat to build strong teeth and bones?

For every research-backed argument that claims 'dairy is not good for us', the dairy industry, with all its financial powers, will probably have an equal if not greater number of claims, possibly backed by a lot of money, about why we should consume dairy products.

We have all heard stories of many industries operating in this way. So what do we do? Which is the truth?

But this 'war' of talking heads can be more easily decided if we turn to our body and hear what IT has to say about: 'To dairy or not to dairy?'

In truth, do we really need research to tell us how we feel after consuming any foods (dairy products included), and that we might be better off, healthier and jollier without? It would be like needing scientific proof that we have a hangover after a night of drinking alcohol. If the liver could speak then it would probably yell.

Our body holds the answer

The effects of dairy products may not be as extreme as those with the alcohol example, but nonetheless they can be felt. Many people report having tummy upsets, blocked sinuses, acne and skin conditions, increased mucus and phlegm, breathing difficulties ... to name but a few.

Many of our lifestyle choices – including consumption of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and fizzy soda drinks – can also hinder the calcium balance in our body. It is therefore wise to address those hindrances, if we truly want to increase our calcium levels.

Our body is by far the best and most accurate lab that can (and does) tell us whether or not we can benefit from eliminating dairy products from our diet and our daily food choices.

Learning to listen to our body can be the best thing we can do to promote true health, alongside a great medical professional of course, whenever advice is needed.

If in doubt about whether to dairy or not to dairy, give it a go without it for a little while, and see how it feels for you. Even just a few weeks of a dairy free diet, will give you a good feel for how it is without it. There is much support on the pages to follow, even for the faintest of hearts!

The information in this article is for general purposes only. For specific medical advice, we recommend you consult your doctor.

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  • By Dragana Brown, Writer, World Affairs & Life Style Commentator

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