Gluten Free

Our media, numerous nutritionists and various government sponsored plans to ‘healthy eating’ continue to advocate consumption of grains and gluten through a dangerously outdated, old fashioned, inadequate and flawed approach; one-diet-fits-all. A plethora of cafes – this western world of ours latest phenomena, mushrooming on almost every street corner with freshly baked, gluten laden, nose enticing pastries and products – make it even harder for the strongest of wills to execute a decree absolute with this sticky and devitalising substance whose very name comes from Latin for Glue. Is it any wonder we stick to it so much? But let us be reminded that one does not need to be diagnosed with celiac or even any gluten intolerance whatsoever to go gluten free.

The support on this site is like none other, from ordinary folks who neither dictate any dietary recommendations nor are they led by any fads, popular ideals and beliefs but instead guided by true science - the science of our bodies. They share from the wisdom of their lived experiences and their own trials and tribulations with the heavy, sticky substance that is gluten. And so should you bid farewell to gluten in your own diet and set off on a joyous gluten free journey to an inconceivable light-ness of being, enjoy newly experienced greater clarity of mind, barrels of energy and vast vitality. May your gut as well as your gob bask in the glory of your gluten free life!