Exposé on the food industry: science of profit

How does the food industry orchestrate our food choices with our free will?

Exposé on the food industry: science of profit

Food choices, food science and free will

When it comes to food choices, nothing beats applying our own free will and responding to our body’s genuine needs, but as many have experienced, this is not always easy.

So, what makes it hard and who is behind the hand that feeds us?

Ordeals many share of being unable to stop unsupportive food choices indicate a somewhat invisible force at play, which also seems to rest in the hands of our own food scientists who know just how to design and formulate each food mouthful – so highly attractive and complete with tastes and smells that are highly addictive.

The food industry is extremely secretive so it is no surprise that we are kept in the dark as to the tremendous amount of money, time, effort and energy that is utilised to make sure that we €at and $hop with no regard to the damage those foods might inflict upon our health. We merely become 'the rat in that cage'!

As long as they keep creating irresistible formula foods that are in chocolate, crisps, cereals, yoghurts, crackers … and we keep the tills full to the brim, the food industry will continue to do what they do – let’s face it – in a Machiavellian sort of way.

In this very twisted kind of way the food industry complies with the universal law that "everything is everything and nothing is nothing" (Serge Benhayon), where science is used to validate why each food tastes precisely the way it does and it is not a result of some random 'eureka moment' in a bath tub, but years of super-calculated and carefully carried out food research, with bucket loads of money poured into it.

It would appear that the food industry’s biggest share is in our digestive tract and the dividends are sky-high.

Just how far would they go in a quest to make it about money, and not about people?

Addictive foods and the holy grail of salt, sugar and fat: for people or profit?

Is it not ironic, pathetic and devastating too that we invest billions to employ physics, biology and chemistry to help us return to health from illness and disease only to then use the very same science to create highly profitable 'foods' at the expense of our health?

Is the science behind the food industry not 'biting the hands that feed you'?

Crazy, but that’s how it is – we are frantically and consistently playing a 'chasing our own tail' game. Until we get forced to stop.

According to some neuroscientists within the food industry, there is a direct relationship between taste receptors in our mouth and in our brain. With this bridge in mind and through extensive food research, scientists have been able to come up with carefully engineered combinations using a few 'staple' ingredients, predominantly sugar, salt, fat and chemicals, to make food 'moreish' – difficult to stop eating and highly addictive.

  • The food industry's pyramid of 'success' has found the holy grail in three most basic foods: salt, sugar and fat.
  • The very perfect quotient of sugar, salt and fat, enhanced by artificial ingredients in food, keeps us blissful with a seemingly insatiable need to go for more.
  • Not what nature intended – nor anyone who makes it about people – but when the perfect ratio has been achieved, the food products become irresistible, addictive and the cash flow becomes a torrent. Another example in life of how 'Money drills where no drill can!'

Food advertisements – buying into the illusion

The food industry is hellishly competitive and proprietary.

Food advertisements are intended to make food super appealing so that when we see food in media advertising (particularly fast food adverts) it can trigger the need to eat and feed the 'addiction', a word the food industry abhors and keeps well out of its vocabulary!

Yet there are those in the food industry who put all their eggs in that very basket (addiction) because they know all too well that when they hit the perfect ratio of salt-sugar-fat-chemicals they get the food products flying off the shelves!

Shapes, colours and textures … these play an all-important role in food advertisements too.

One food advertisement claims eating a particular ice cream brand keeps the skin beautiful and keeps one light, beautiful and active – and apparently even makes one love his job and his wife (now try and figure that one out!). It even goes on to say that when we eat that particular ice cream we hug and wink and nod and high five each other with great enthusiasm! It beggars belief how we have allowed this kind of balderdash!

The majority of food advertisements consistently promote a parallel universe of desire, bliss and an unachievable reality that 'can' be achieved when we consume their products. The same ice cream brand for example, creates a vision of a world where everything from the consumers' skin, relationships and life are enhanced and 'beautiful' because people eat their product!

We then buy into this total illusion to justify our consumption of foods that do not align with good health.

On the other hand, it does not come as a surprise because it seems that the food industry would go to any length (and let us not forget, with our permission), to market it in any way that tickles our fancy and increases their profits.

  • Have we perhaps noticed how in recent years the way food has been advertised has been altered?
  • There is more 'lower in sugar', 'high in fibre', 'low in salt', biscuits with 'real fruits', crisps containing 'whole grain' etc.
  • Food consumers are being deliberately misdirected away from the cocktail of addictive ingredients by the tick of approval that a product contains less salt!

The way forward – our responsibility as food consumers

The Food Industry has a lot to answer for, with its vast contribution in masterminding creations of carefully, scientifically engineered food with a sole purpose to increase their profit margins.

But with hands on our hearts it would be wise and it would serve us all well that we as food consumers accept our own responsibility for the biggest part we have each been playing – and from our own free will – in feeding the monster that keeps coming back to bite us, because ultimately, WE are the hand that feeds us.

For if we don’t, we remain in the fog of illusion and confusion that we are at the mercy of some 'evil setup' at the hands of the food industry instead of being empowered to make wiser, healthier and more supportive food choices – which would in turn command a truly supportive food industry for ALL.

Perhaps we need to also look much deeper into how we are eating according to how we are feeling and not according to our body’s true needs.

If we remain in the 'none the wiser' and choose to ignore the food industry’s appalling science of profit we retard the change, which is imminent. Stalling evolution doesn’t stop it.

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  • By Dragana Brown, Writer, World Affairs & Life Style Commentator

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