The chilling facts about dairy

The chilling facts about dairy

The chilling facts about dairy

Let's look at some chilling facts about dairy consumption from a recent exposé by Dr Mark Hyman where he presents compelling medical arguments against the long-running United States (US) media campaign that claims dairy is 'good for you'. Read on and you’ll see we should perhaps have a campaign that asks 'Is dairy bad for you?'

For instance:

  • Consuming less dairy products means stronger bones. Countries with lower dairy consumption rates have lower rates of osteoporosis. The animal protein in dairy has been suggested to actually promote bone loss.

  • Higher rates of cancer are prevalent in countries that consume higher amounts of dairy products. The naturally occurring growth hormone in milk, (bGH) produced to grow calves, seeks cells to grow. This hormone has been shown to increase cancer cells in humans.

In the US media campaign (and in many others globally), dairy is promoted as being healthy for the human body. Questioning the health benefits of milk in western countries is perceived as attacking farming and the agriculture industry – a 'sacred cow' so to speak.

Dr Hyman recommends to his patients that they refrain from eating all dairy products for at least one month to be able to feel the impact it has on the body, and goes on to explain that dairy takes much longer to leave the body entirely. He is not alone in this opinion.

The Harvard School of Public Health, USA, has publicly voiced its findings against the USDA approved Food Pyramid. When they researched the foundation of the Pyramid, it was proven to be unfounded and not in the best interests of public health.

With leading doctors and scientists recommending a dairy-free diet, there must be some truth in their results.

It has been suggested that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Pyramid guidelines are motivated by financial interests and are not simply in the best interests of public health.

We are presented with studies that show us how damaging dairy is to our health. 'The China Study' (2005), conducted by Dr T Colin Campbell, exposed the direct link between casein protein – the protein in dairy – and an increase in the likelihood of cancer developing. The amount of cancer growth could be controlled based on the amount of casein present in the diets of laboratory animals.

What to do with this information?

Dr Hyman suggests it would be better to take the cow for a walk!

So, is dairy bad for you? That is something we all need to decide for ourselves, but given the above medically expressed opinions, perhaps it is a question we should all be asking.

The information in this article is for general purposes only. For specific medical advice, we recommend you consult your doctor.


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