Food for the Soul

What would the Soul eat or drink if it had a human body to take care of?

Would it indulge in pizza, chocolate, sugar and cakes? Would it stay up in the late hours of the night with a tub of ice cream, some cookies, in complete disconnection while bingeing on the latest TV series?

Would the Soul drink beverages such as coffee, alcohol and energy drinks? Beverages that leave the human body feeling exhausted, depleted and racy?

Or would the Soul love to enjoy nourishing and nurturing foods – foods that support the body to function in vitality, to be healthy and of access for the constant demands of life?

We have a saying; “I’m having this chocolate because it’s good for my Soul” or, “my Soul wants it”.

Is this saying accurate? Or is it the Human Spirit that wants it?

In our society we have long mistaken the difference between the Soul and the spirit. For aeons we have even considered them to be the same thing. But are they the same? And if not, what is the difference?

Is it possible that as the Ageless Wisdom teaches, the human spirit is the actual saboteur of our connection with Soul? And it is the Human spirit who justifies and makes excuses for its abusive choices.

Our human spirit knows exactly what to eat, what to drink and how to move in order to disconnect from the divine wisdom and communication we receive from our Soul.

As the four pillars of evolution demonstrate, we are prone to eat dairy to dampen our awareness; sugar ensures we are racy and are unable to read the situation we have placed ourselves in; gluten is like cement for the body, completely dulling our awareness and salt acts as the unbreakable armour of protection we so often feel we need in this world of ours.

We may think that it is just an innocent choice to prefer our toast with some avocado and feta cheese in the morning, but is it possible that with every meal choice we are either strengthening our connection with our Soul and the universe, or destroying it?

Is it possible that underneath our conscious awareness there is a very intelligent character, the Human spirit, who has premade our choices in what to eat in order to avoid the unavoidable – awareness and constant communication?

Our Soul is constantly offering us a greater awareness, a stronger understanding of life. This communication comes from our body – when we feel anxious, nervous, joyous, even furious, the body is there to let us know. When a situation does not feel so good, the particles within our body are the ones who signal it; when we are in connection with our inner heart, regardless of our surroundings we can hear the sweet beat of love in every pulse.

When we consume foods that are not supportive of a harmonious running of the body, these messages get numbed out and we become less aware, less responsive, less clear and with a fuzzy head. This state of being numbs out the unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, jealousy and anger, making it easier to cope in life.

Furthermore, often we can eat to numb out positive feelings as well – food can be used as a form of self-sabotage once we get a glimpse of a potential – our potential and the countless possibilities in our lives to connect with our Soul and live in harmony. This is the biggest hurdle for the spirit, because it has to admit that the disharmonious way it runs the body is not it and the Soul – to which it ultimately is part of and belongs to – is much grander, more loving, encompasses the all and is never focussed only on the one body it resides within.

  • With that, is it possible to consider a different relationship with food?
  • Perhaps our uncontrollable drive to binge can be explained.
  • Perhaps our addictions can be made clearer and with this understanding we can delve deeper and understand what it is that we are avoiding?

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  • By Helen Elliott, Mental health support

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