The benefits of the Gentle Breath Meditation®

The benefits of the Gentle Breath Meditation®

The benefits of the Gentle Breath Meditation®

The Gentle Breath Meditation® offers a simple and invaluable way to let go of the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that many of us experience at times, if not on a daily basis. It supports true vitality and well-being and reconnects you deeply back into your body.

Give yourself the gift of a moment to stop, assess and come back to yourself.

  • Calm a racy mind and let go of agitation and anxiousness in your body.
  • Allow yourself the space to feel where you are at and to choose to breathe your own gentle breath, unaffected by the external demands of life.
  • Give your body permission to be gentle and feel the protective layers of hardness dissolve.

Experience the natural stillness that lies within us all.

  • Enjoy the feeling of your own spaciousness as external influences drop away.
  • Re-connect to a warmth and quality that you may have forgotten but was never actually lost.

Taking the quality developed through the Gentle Breath Meditation® into the activity of your day is the ultimate benefit of true meditation.

"The world does not give us time to be gentle, so we are to create by choice and by permission - gentleness in all that we do."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 192

There are many testimonials that demonstrate the profound, lasting and even life-changing benefits being experienced by people from all walks of life who have incorporated the very simple Gentle Breath Meditation® into their lives.

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