Too beautiful for ice-cream

Walking down to our corner store after a big day at work, the idea of buying some coconut ice-cream came to mind.

Not an unusual thought to have in the circumstances – tired, hungry and on the other side of a big day, some ‘healthy’ ice-cream was easily justified:

  • “I deserve it after all that hard work”
  • “It’s good for me”
  • “A little is ok”
  • And, the one that seems to have the most power: “It really doesn’t matter.”

But this time another thought equally came:

"I am too beautiful for ice-cream"

Wow. It stopped the tension-filled flow of the tempting, carefree, pushy, “go on” thoughts and left me feeling so very lovely. I could feel how beautiful I felt at the end of the day that had been. Yes it had been busy and yes I was tired, but I also felt beautiful and realised that the coconut ice-cream didn’t match that and eating it would diminish this feeling of beautiful.

"A woman’s body will always be beauty-full to her, if she but allows who she truly is on the inside to model it."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 548

It was an amazing discovery to feel how the beautiful we are is too precious for, and does not need, ice-cream.

Why? Because ice-cream leaves me dozy, feeling sludgey and my nose always runs … and I snore. This has been my experience on the other side of a tub of even the healthiest and most expensive non-dairy ice-cream. As my body is affected I get to feel less of the beautiful and this is our real choice when it comes to food:

How much beautiful do I want to feel?

Knowing ourselves from the heart and not from the heartless head that can have a hard time thinking good things about ourselves and our lives means that no matter what, we know we are beautiful beyond imagining and there is so much beauty in and around us to appreciate, accept and enjoy.

We either enjoy or destroy our beautiful

The everyday way we live is how we do this, from the way we sleep to what we drink and eat, the way we are in our relationships, with our neighbours, our family, how we make our bed and clean our homes, cook our meals and rest after working. All of these are done either in a way that acknowledges and treasures our beautifulness or needs to be miserable, in pain and in survival mode.

I’ve walked down to the corner store loads of times and not had the thought, “I am too beautiful for ice-cream.” What was different this time? It wasn’t will-power or determination to just say no that sent that thought and made it ‘a keeper’, but the fact that during the day I had treated myself respectfully, from not wearing shoes that hurt my feet to caring about sitting comfortably and supported in my seat while I worked. Instead of wearing the good-looking shoes that hurt by the end of the day and not really paying attention to how my body felt in the chair as I got on with my work, I got to feel how nice it felt to walk and sit without discomfort all through my busy day.

I found the more I cared for my body, the more I cared for my body. It was like a tree that kept sprouting branches and leaves and it was beautiful.

My body is a book that tells me a story of my regular choices. Sometimes it’s a book I do not want to look at or read! Living life connected to our beautiful is a different story that invites different choices when we start to see and enjoy the beauty we are in every moment and to treat ourselves and our bodies beauty-FULLY.

"In affect, and in essence, we are to observe most wisely the choices we all make. And to help reveal that to us is a physical body that will mark the true quality of each and every choice."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, p 49

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  • By Adrienne Ryan

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