How do Universal Medicine Therapies work?

How do Universal Medicine Therapies work?

How do Universal Medicine Therapies work?

In all Universal Medicine Therapies the practitioner’s job is to present, and it is the client’s choice as to the depth and extent of any healing that occurs.

The practitioner does not ‘do to’ the client – each hand placed, needle used or technique of any description is there as a presentation – and it’s up to the client whether they choose to connect and the depth they allow themselves to go to. The presentation is of a lived quality, not of a theory.

What the practitioner actually presents is their own lived way – the quality they themselves live. They cannot hide this or make it look better or different – it is an energetic fact that is then on offer to the client, no matter how good or polished things may look. That energetic fact comes from one thing – the level of Energetic Integrity lived by the practitioner. Healing does not work by rote learning or any theory – it does not work by being ‘learned’ or sophisticated or by technique. It cannot.

Healing is offered by the level of livingness of the practitioner themselves, and what depth is possible for the client directly comes from this (hence the responsibility of the practitioner in the way they live day to day).

Within that available depth or range, the client chooses where they want to go to.

So with Universal Medicine Therapies there is nothing to ‘get’, analyse or recall later; it is an opportunity to experience a return to the stillness that is naturally within us all. That experience is then a marker of something tangibly felt within the body of the client… and once felt, the client knows for a fact that it is possible – possible to feel still and in harmony within their own body. This for many, many people is a profound experience, as they may have never, or perhaps not since they were very young, actually let go to that extent and just let themselves be.

It is the way of life lived by the practitioner themselves that offers this opportunity, not their technical skills or knowledge.

Technical skills and knowledge are important and have their place, but what makes a therapy healing or not, is the quality of energy it is offered in. This is never something that can be just ‘put on’ when walking into a treatment room. It doesn’t come from looking good or looking or sounding the part; it comes from the way the practitioner lives.

The quality that they live day to day becomes the quality that is then offered to their clients as a platform to show them there could be a different way. This is significant as it can be a turning point for a client, but only if the practitioner offers that quality to start with.

As with all Universal Medicine Therapies, the extent to which the practitioner can offer this comes from the level of surrender, stillness and harmony that they themselves live day to day, for the practitioner cannot offer any more than what is a living way in their own body.

Hence the level of integrity in these modalities, which is simply not replicated elsewhere, for it is not theory and no mask can be applied to make it merely ‘look good’ – the proof is in the depth of surrender and stillness which the client gets to feel, which is a reflection of the depth of livingness of the practitioner and, for the client, a very tangible experience that opens the door to a different living way (The Livingness) for them day to day, should they so choose.

All of these therapies come from and reflect the same ancient teachings – that of a lived way which today we call The Livingness.

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  • By Serryn O’Regan, Corporate Executive

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd