How Sacred Esoteric Healing supported me to overcome my anxiety

How SEH supported me to overcome my anxiety. The power of Sacred Esoteric Healing.

How Sacred Esoteric Healing supported me to overcome my anxiety

For as long as I can remember I have had to a greater or lesser degree, anxiety present in my life.

As a young child I can remember how I would be overcome with anxiety if I was in the spotlight, or if ever there were big arguments within my family. I would cope with the latter by hiding behind a very thick, long curtain in our dining room until the outburst had subsided.

This condition travelled with me throughout my childhood, adulthood and into my senior years. To others it seemed that I was a calm person who was in control of my life, but underneath this was a bottomless well of anxiousness that had many different faces. Some of my symptoms manifested as an overactive mind, uneasiness, planning everything down to the last detail, overwhelm, dislike of going into new situations or busy visual environments and nervousness.

When I was in my early sixties I became quite ill, and a friend suggested that I may benefit from Sacred Esoteric Healing. I had no idea what Sacred Esoteric Healing involved, but I felt drawn to give it a try.

I felt anxious going off to my first healing session because of it being a new experience and also because I felt that I may be in the spotlight. After my practitioner explained to me what the session involved, we spoke about my lifestyle, and how I cared for and nurtured myself. During our conversation I could feel my whole body starting to relax. The calm and gentle approach of the practitioner and the feeling of the loving care that had been taken to prepare the room and have everything ready for my appointment, supported me to relax and let go of the tension I brought with me to the session.

As I lay on the treatment table while the practitioner gently placed her hands on different areas of my body, I dropped into a very deep relaxed state… a state free of anxiety and one that I had not experienced previously. This was such a lovely feeling; it was like I was enveloped, both within and all around me, by a warm, supportive and tender love. Within this space it felt like all my cares had drifted away and that I had returned home to the real and true me.

Feeling how my first session supported me, I decided to have them once a month. In between sessions I would ponder on what my body revealed during my appointments. Slowly over time, and with the support of my practitioner, I began to realise how my low self-worth was a contributing factor to my anxiousness. What I mean by low self-worth is that I had feelings of not being good enough, of seeing myself as less than others and a general feeling of inadequacy.

Looking back over my life I realised how I had given my power away – to others and to events outside me – through seeking and trusting other people’s advice and expertise, rather than taking responsibility for my own life and seeking my own inner council.

As my sessions progressed I started to feel different about myself, and my life. My confidence grew and I have become more relaxed about life, my mind is less racy. I now allow my life to unfold, rather than controlling it. And best of all I now feel confident going into new situations and feeling okay being in large groups of people.

Thanks to Sacred Esoteric Healing, I am now mainly free of the effects of the crippling anxiety that I allowed to engulf my life for so long. To me Sacred Esoteric Healing has been an absolute Godsend.

  • Photography: Meg Valentine