I have a disease – can I feel well?

I have a disease – can I feel well?

I have a disease – can I feel well?

In our modern day society, we equate absence of disease with well-being, but true well-being comes from our connection within, and not from our physical bodies.

This means that it is possible to feel well even if the body is affected by some sort of a disease process. This may sound strange, as we usually equate physical function with ‘well-being‘ or more particularly ‘wellness’.

I have had the experience of knowing cancer patients who have said that they feel well, every day, and truly so, feeling amazing – on the inside – even though their bodies are falling apart.

How is it that these people, with a horrific disease, knowing that they are dying, can live and feel well and joyful? What is going on that is different with these people? It turns our understanding of well-being on its head. If it is possible for people with terminal cancer to feel joyful and well every day, then surely it is possible for those of us who are living cancer free – to feel well, joyful and vital every day also?

What is this well-being and where do we get it from?

Well-being begins with connection with our innermost.

It begins with connecting with the stillness that we naturally are within; it begins with connecting with the part of ourselves that is the divine aspect that is greater than the sum total of all our physical bodies. It begins with living from that place and not from our heads, nor from identifying ourselves with our bodies.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see a body. And when we look at other people and talk to other people, we may see them as a body. So it would be understandable that if we were to rely solely on our eyes that we would think that we are simply physical beings. Yet, we are so much more than physical. We are not our bodies – but we are IN our bodies. And this is very clear when we die.

When we die, our bodies decay, starting immediately! The second the life force leaves the body, it starts to fall apart into its mineral and molecular components.

It is us and our life force that sustains the physical body.

Thus, if we live life as our physical bodies, identifying with our physical bodies, we are living less than who we are and are at the mercy of what is happening with the physical. If we were just our bodies, then why is it that they only fall apart when we die but (usually) not before? Something else is going on here, and that is our life force; it is our energy that sustains our bodies.

If we connect within, we can feel well at any given moment, even though our bodies may have a lot going on.

This is always a choice, and it will not happen unless a choice is made to make it happen.

Did you know you can choose what you connect with and feel?

You can choose to connect with your innermost, and it is not hard to do – it begins with a simple breathing technique called the Gentle Breath Meditation

Once this connection has been made, this feeling can be expanded in the body by moving in that same quality, ie by moving in connection with the connection! It may seem far-fetched … but it is simple to do.

The story of Fiona, a woman with cancer is very inspiring for us all. She learned to connect within through the teachings of Universal Medicine.

Fiona developed breast cancer in her early forties and for the first few years she opted to treat it with alternative forms of medicine. They did not heal the cancer and four years later scans revealed the cancer had spread to her bones and her lungs. She required a drain to remove fluid from her chest. A year later she developed spinal cord compression and temporarily couldn’t walk. Around the same time as these complications developed, Fiona came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Through her discussions with Serge she began to open up to conventional medicine and had radiotherapy and subsequently chemotherapy. She also came to a deeper understanding of herself and why she had what she had. She knew her body had cancer – but she also knew that she was not the cancer – she was so much more. Fiona also knew that one day she would die from the cancer – but she knew that she was more than her body and that her true self was unaffected by the cancer or indeed by death.

Fiona transformed her relationship with herself and also her disease in a way that inspired many. Despite being riddled with cancer and having complications, she was able to live not from the suffering of her body, but the joy of her being, of her true self. She saw her trips for chemotherapy as going ‘on a date’, where she would laugh and sparkle with those she met along the way. Doctors and nurses marveled at her attitude, her resilience and indeed the fact that she lived with metastatic breast cancer for considerably longer than expected. Fiona ‘got it’; she knew without a shred of doubt that neither cancer nor death were the end of who she truly is and in that knowing she was able to live most days with true joy that was conveyed through her eyes, her smile and her words. (You can read more about Fiona’s journey in her own words through these inspiring blogs...).

If a cancer patient with terminal cancer can live and feel truly well and inspire people every day around them, then what about you and I?

We need to ask, what may be possible to live a life in connection and how might it look for you and I?

Connection is the beginning of true medicine. Your best medicine and your gateway to feeling truly well is your connection within.

When we connect with our innermost it is possible to feel well and live well, because knowing who we are and being connected with who we are – which is so much more than our physical bodies – is amazing. And knowing that and living that quality is what makes us feel amazing.

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