Using the Gentle Breath Meditation® to develop conscious presence

Using the Gentle Breath Meditation® to Develop Conscious Presence

Using the Gentle Breath Meditation® to develop conscious presence

The Gentle Breath Meditation® is a tool for re-connection, which can also be used to develop conscious presence and train the mind to be engaged with the activity of the body.

In meditation we are able to say to the body I know exactly what is entering me
by consciously choosing the quality of gentleness with the breath.

During the meditation you first choose to breathe in gently, and then take a gentle in-breath while observing and feeling the breath entering the body through the tip of the nose. This develops the quality of gentleness in the body and allows the mind and the body to be in the same place or in union.

"We spend all our time leaving the body, that is, being elsewhere with our minds whilst our body is conducting a certain act. Stop and consider it - we use energy that the body has already created for what it is about to do, on being elsewhere."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 92

In practising the Gentle Breath Meditation® it is possible to develop a deeper connection and understanding of our body and how we live whilst at the same time asking our mind and body to be together in the process.

The more our body and mind engage with each other the more natural this becomes in our day to day activities.

In this way life becomes our meditation and the arena for observing whether we are with ourselves in all that we do or not.

Developing conscious presence in meditation gives us a checkpoint or marker that we can refer to which supports us to see where and when we become distracted, disengaged or taken over by an event, situation, problem or activity, and in essence lose ourselves in either what we are doing or thinking.

  • Initially this can seem daunting and be quite challenging, as our mind wanders or we catch ourselves absent-mindedly going through the motions.
  • It is not about being perfect but more about catching those times when we do disconnect and then choosing to bring our body and mind back to union by stopping, taking a moment and breathing gently.

Try one of these or many other Gentle Breath Meditations® and enjoy developing the quality and power of your own presence.

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  • Photography: Steffi Henn