Is disease just physical?

All disease and illness must have a cause – it doesn’t just randomly occur ...

But, is it only physical factors that can create disease in the body?

Surely there is a deeper reason.

We know that the body is programmed – so what is programming it?

Could it be possible that energy has something to do with it?

We know that our bodies are physical, but we also know scientifically that everything is energy, and thus:

Our bodies – as well as everything else in the universe – are energy, as well as being physical.

This seems strange to consider as we know ourselves to be ‘solid’ by touch and by feel, and we can’t see through our bodies – they block the light! And we can’t put our hands through our bodies – without using surgical instruments! But, did you know that our bodies, and everything physical in the universe, is made up of tiny building blocks called ‘atoms’ which are 99.999999% empty with tiny energy particles whizzing around in them? So, this means that our bodies are made up of practically empty, see through, building blocks. It’s amazing that we appear solid, when we’re actually mainly empty space with energy particles.

So if we are mainly ‘empty space’ with energy particles, could it be possible that disease has something to do with energy first?


In the same way that a computer program is the source code for any video game, app, or other software that we may use, so too is energy the source code for our physical bodies. When there is a ‘glitch’ in a video game, or an app, we don’t go to the computer or the iPad to fix it, we go straight to the ‘unseen’ source code – the program (or, we get someone to do this for us when we don’t know how!).

In that same way, when there is a ‘glitch’ in our bodies (i.e. dis-ease, disease or physical symptoms) we have a source code too – the quality of energy in our bodies.

What if we went straight to this source code when there is a ‘glitch’ in our bodies?

We know that if a computer program goes wrong, there can be disastrous effects in the physical world. For example, a problem with the programming of traffic lights can result in an accident causing physical harm (a dis-ease). The accident is a physical consequence of a problem with the ‘unseen’, the ‘program’ of the traffic lights.

To heal this situation, we know that we need to deal with the physical and emotional hurt in the people involved in the accident, and clean up the accident site, but we also know, that unless we address the problem in the underlying program there will continue to be a glitch at the intersection and more accidents will occur.

The process of healing the situation is to deal with the physical effects, but also to correct the problem in the program which caused the physical problems in the first place. It was the problem in the program that resulted in the traffic accident and, in the same way in our bodies, it is a problem with the programming ‘energy’ that results in illness and disease.

Illness and disease is your body’s way of clearing to return it to a state of balance and harmony, and doesn’t it make sense that it has its root cause in the quality of energy?

Thus, treating illness and disease is about addressing the physical aspects of the body – through medicine, surgery, herbs, food etc, but then also about addressing the underlying energy that has caused the ‘glitch’ that has led to the problem in the physical body, that we call disease.

"Healing is about discarding what is not love so that you can feel that you are love."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 617

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Everything is energy applies to illness and disease

Everything is energy – is the one absolute truth that applies to everything in the world we live in, including illness and disease.

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