What are illness and disease?

Sacred Esoteric Healing is founded on the teachings that all life is energy before it is matter, and therefore, all matter in life comes first from energy before it will be the matter that it is.

If we consider this principle in healing, is it possible that in order for there to be true healing, we are to not only look at the physical illnesses or diseases of the human body and condition, but also at the energy that is making it so?

If this is so, then true healing would be the discarding and/or transmuting of ill-energy that is potentially offending the human body or human condition, and thus restoring the true energy of our inner-essence of love.

Is it possible then that illness and disease, be it physical, emotional or mental, is a way for the human body to display that there is an offending energy being held and expressed in its system?

Could the illness and disease be the creation in physical matter of what is already happening energetically within, that is, a dis-ease of sorts?

In Esoteric Medicine and Healing we understand this to be so, and therefore, through the physical ailment or condition that a human body endures, this ‘offending energy’ can be addressed, and then true healing offered for it to be released and transmuted.

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Everything is energy applies to illness and disease

Everything is energy – is the one absolute truth that applies to everything in the world we live in, including illness and disease.

Sacred Esoteric Healing approaches illness and disease as being a part of one’s healing process, and in many cases, it is a blessing in disguise to have this be shown and thus be given the opportunity to stop the ill behaviours or lifestyle that perpetuates this ill energy, and seek true healing.

See testimonials from people who have experienced Sacred Esoteric Healing and chosen this modality as part of their healing process when enduring illness and or a disease.

In a world where the rates and experiences of illness and disease are increasingly on the rise, we are hearing the facts of our lifestyle choices being key contributors to our conditions, therefore, a true understanding of illness and disease is sorely needed, as is a true understanding of all that we need to consider that impacts our quality of life.

"Our being has a truth. YOU HAVE A TRUTH. We have a true intended and original state of truly being. Our lifestyle, for many practical and/or rational reasons does not always allow that truth to be."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation - The Development of Energetic Awareness p 257

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a true complementary modality, as it works in combination with the understanding of the difficulties of illness and disease, and offers healing to its underlying energetic counterpart. It is in this way that Sacred Esoteric Healing is of great value in supporting western medicine, and should not be seen as a replacement but an integral part of looking at the whole.

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