Love, the greatest medicine of all

Love, the greatest medicine of all

Love, the greatest medicine of all

"We have a bigger issue with love than with our problems because we have spent so much time and effort avoiding the fact that we separated from what we want most."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 664

Could love be the missing piece at the heart of all the pain and suffering and illness in the world? And could reconnecting to that love be the greatest medicine of all?

We spend so much time, resources and effort trying to cure, solve, alleviate and eradicate our various ailments, illnesses and diseases, which we naturally do not like. Of course this makes sense and we have some truly incredible and miraculous medical treatments, which are brilliant at mending our broken bits and buying us more time.

The problem is that there seems to be a growing number of us breaking down and getting ill, and the complexity of these illnesses is increasing, so that even our brilliant medical systems are having problems keeping up.

Therefore we must be missing something important here. Maybe we are great at treating the sick horse once it has already bolted but not so great at asking the question: who opened the gate? And why?

Have we considered that all our illness and disease may result from a disconnection or separation from love?

Love is fundamental to our health and wellbeing.

We are essentially love. We are literally made of the stuff. It is our natural way of being. Our core, our essence.

If you ask anyone what do they honestly want, most in the world they will tell you it is to love and be loved.

So the moment we turn our backs on love and make a choice to not be it or express it, we are going against the core or essence of our being. We are swimming against the flow of life. And anyone who has tried to swim against a strong current will tell you one thing – it requires a huge amount of effort and is extremely exhausting and taxing on the body and the mind.

Illness and disease begins with us choosing to be in a way that is against our natural way of being, our harmonious homeostasis.

Homeostasis comes from the Greek words meaning ‘similar’ and ‘still’. Love is a constant state of stillness that is present in the same amount in all of us. It connects us to nature, to the universe and to each other. The fabric of life.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and approximately seven billion billion billion atoms and they appear to operate or vibrate in a coordinated way. When they do, we have health and wellbeing.

Love is a form of energy that maintains the order and vibration of these particles.

We know the reality is we can choose to be loving or not. We continually have a choice to simply allow that love to flow through our bodies or to not allow it in any given moment.

When we choose to not live lovingly we are disturbing the natural order and vibration that our particles are designed to be in. We are therefore throwing all of our particles into disarray and disharmony.

We are actually capable of being aware of this ‘dis-ease’. Have you ever felt an uneasiness, a tension, a disturbance in your body? Something just does not feel right?

Yes, we can choose to be aware of it and seek the answers as to why we don’t feel right, or we can choose to not be aware of it or even ignore it.

To ignore this disharmony and dis-ease in our bodies, we have to keep making further unloving choices to bury, numb or distract us from the disturbance we feel. The trouble is that this uneasiness keeps growing with every un-loving choice and so we have to amass more and more behaviours to cover up the tension. These behaviours become a lifestyle. Eventually the lifestyle (based on avoiding the original disturbance) has amassed enough disharmonious particles to become a physical tangible reality, a physical condition or ailment. The dis-ease becomes a disease.

Our original root illness and disease is avoiding and separating from love.

So illness and disease actually begins with the first moment we digress or deviate away from our natural way of being, love.

It makes complete sense that if illness and disease first begins with the choice to not be love, that medicine should also base itself on understanding and healing this simple but far-reaching choice. Yes we need to treat the physical symptoms, but we also need to treat the underlying cause or reason why we are choosing to not be the love we innately are.

And if we choose to live with more love, then we are giving ourselves a dose of the greatest medicine of all.

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  • Photography: Matt Paul