Bringing death and dying to our daily conversations

Bringing death and dying to our daily conversations

Death and dying are certainties in life that none of us can avoid. And yet we rarely talk about them unless we have to. Death is perceived as something fearful and something that will likely bring pain, suffering and a dark and unknown abyss we are terrified of falling into.

But have we got the perception of death upside down?

Many of us will keep our own experiences and fears about death and dying close to our chest. Talking about death can bring up unreconciled grief and pain that we’d prefer not to feel.

But could it be that it is in the opening up about death that we are then able to bring a much needed important healing to ourselves and to those who are passing?

To open up about death asks us to surrender. In that surrender we rekindle our inner knowing of what death really is and what it means. We begin to remember that death is not a dark and empty end-point that we will never return from, but a continuum in a grand and graceful cycle of life followed by death, that all of us are in – for our own healing and our own return.

In this audio Katerina Nikolaidis opens up the conversation about death and dying with Matilda Bathurst, Alan Johnston and Elizabeth Dolan. What is revealed is that it is possible to have ‘an integration of death into life’, and that when death and dying are embraced, what we are also embracing is life itself.

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