Living a religious life – returning to the Essence

Living a Religious Life – Returning to the Essence

Living a religious life – returning to the Essence

Underneath all the many things we do in life, and our busy-ness each and every day, there is an essence to us –– the ‘Who We Truly Are’. Returning to this essence is a beautiful experience, and one that is truly simple to do.

The truth is, we are so much more than the physical bodies we inhabit. We are actually Divine beings, from a supreme and forever loving source we may call God, or we may just call Love, or the Universe, or whatever we want to call it.

Our connection to that Divinity or to God, if we are ok with that word, is through our innermost heart. In that space, right there deep within us, is an exquisite stillness, where the busy-ness cannot touch, where we are just that stillness, and joy and love, regardless of what happens to and around us.

As we connect with the innermost heart and allow this connection to be felt more and more in our everyday lives, we come to know as a fact that we are actually superb Divine beings, and that there is an enormous amount of love available to us – to be felt in our body and expressed. As we align with this more and more, and give our innermost permission to express, we reclaim our right to live as that in the world. By doing so, we open up the way to all others around us to do the same.

We can live in the world as the purely physical only, and be controlled and bound by the rules and getting it ‘right’. Or we can open up to the so-much-more we actually come from, and express as that on earth. There is nothing stopping us doing that…

  • We can all choose to be the physical, box-ticking, getting it right human being, who is not truly joyful at all underneath, OR
  • We can choose to feel all of who we are, and then let that be seen and felt by others in the world.

If we connect with the deep well of love that is within each and every single one of us, we can start to feel and express that in our everyday lives. Thus our tasks become not about the mundane but about feeling ourselves in our day and simply enjoying, even relishing in our own company.

Is this not the way a child lives? Full of joy, bouncing from one thing to another, always discovering, always expressing in full? There is no filter with a young child – they say what they feel and they let the joy and love of life shine through in full. What if we could all feel and live like that? What if that is simply an expression of the essence that we all have within, identically so? The essence remains within us, and it is that joy, harmony and love – it just needs permission to be let out.

The fact is, we are all sons of an enormous body of love that holds us all in that love in equalness, no matter what our background is, what religion we have practised or belong to, what job we have, what size car or house we have, and whatever we have done in life … the love for us all is identical and we are constantly held in that, as a given.

Our choice is to feel and connect with that, or to make our lives about something far smaller, something far less. Is it possible that this is what we miss the most, and all our problems in life really emerge from the fact that we miss the so-much-more that we actually come from?

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