Gentle Breath Meditation: it’s life changing

Gentle Breath Meditation: it’s life changing

When I first tried the Gentle Breath Meditation it was a huge wake up call. I had been running in stress, nervous energy and exhaustion for so long I had no clue there was any other way to be. It took a little practice, but slowly and surely I have developed a greater steadiness and now access a deeper sense of my true self. I am now no longer ruled by anxiousness and raciness and instead have the freedom to choose a more steady and natural way of being. It’s a great foundation and I have so much more energy and vitality now that I am able to work far longer hours. I am also much less affected by the craziness at work. It’s been a true life saver.
AC, Executive Assistant

The Gentle Breath Meditation has changed my whole life and continues to do so. Doing the Gentle Breath Meditation has allowed me to slow everything down and work at a pace that is right for me, which now means I really enjoy my day and interestingly I get more work done. My sleep is now so restful, the quality of my work is 100% better, and my interaction with others is now more open because I don’t feel I am swamped with too much to do. I can’t recommend the Gentle Breath meditation enough.
Amina Tumi, Hair & Beauty Salon Owner, Age 32

I was someone who was strongly ruled by my head and lead a busy life, always feeling unsettled. I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation some years ago, and immediately I started to feel a difference. In taking a few minutes during a busy day, or at the beginning or end of a busy day, on a daily basis I started to feel less unsettled, and to feel less ‘heady’. Gradually over time, I felt much calmer, more still and far more relaxed. The Gentle Breath Meditation has been life changing as by feeling more relaxed, and more connected to my physical body, my vitality has also increased as has my personal sense of wellbeing.
Jane Keep, Manager in Hospital , UK, Age 51

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