Bringing up Boys. An insight from a father of seven. Part 3

Bringing up Boys. An insight from a father of seven. Part 3

Here Mark explains how his expectations and that of society have affected his children.

In this five-part series, father of seven Mark Gavioli shares his experiences of bringing up boys, he shares on the pressures young men face in today’s society and how he as a father has dealt with such issues as drugs, suicide, job choices and affection. Mark also explains how projecting our expectations onto our children can be limiting to all concerned.

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    By Mark Gavioli, Finance Director

    Married with seven adult children, enjoys the simple things in life such as cooking a lovely meal for family and friends. Committed to exploring better ways to live as a man in all my relationships as a husband, father and friend.

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    By James Stanfield , Qualified Cartographer, Survey Draftsman, Small Business owner for over 25 years

    I do not blindly follow, I need to feel and discern everything for myself before making a decision about my life. I have a huge desire for fairness and equality.