Who we truly are – accepting your Divinity

How would life feel for us, if we could accept that we are not perfect, but accept that within us is a Divinity that is perfect. The fact is, the more you can accept the Divinity, the more you can accept the imperfections of the human being.

We all know that we have done so many things where we have stuffed up, or been less than all we truly are. The world continuously highlights that for us – and we tend to make it our focus in life. So what can we do about this – to bring more of a balance, and more love, into our life?

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Accepting your imperfections and grandness

This beautiful audio about acceptance presents how by accepting your imperfections you get to accept and experience your awesomeness!

The key is to accept the grandness that is you and the more you do, the smaller the self-critical voice gets. You become harmonious with your imperfections knowing you will every now and again stuff up or get it wrong. By accepting your imperfections you accept your grandness.

Do a stock-take on the things you are good at. Not what feeds you recognition.

The key is to come to know yourself as the grandness that already lives within you – not by what the world measures or assesses you to be.

We are Divine beings of love, living a physical life. We are not that physical life. The truth is, we are so very much more.

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