So Lovely – Sounds of Soul

So Lovely – Sounds of Soul

The music and accompanying video for “So Lovely” by Sounds of Soul really needs no introduction, as anyone who sees it would surely agree it is a stunningly powerful presentation of “bringing the light of the universe” as the lyrics say. The tones, the light, the movement and curves all speak with the presence of the Soul, calling each of us to that which is within us all as well.

Having said that, the video does however command a commentary that heralds what we truly have here. This is a unique collaboration of 4 exquisite women, each dedicated to living a life where the presence of their Soul comes first and foremost in any venture they turn to. The result is a delicate yet powerful, sultry yet honouring, sexy yet respectful presentation of who each of us really are: “so lovely you are the sun that shines, so beautiful as you are” is a song not about one woman, but for all women and men.

Catherine Wood and Tina Kopa as ‘Sounds of Soul’ bring us the music and lyrics and ask us to consider the possibility that each and every one of us are all this song offers with its lyrics and harmonies. Natalie Benhayon lights us up with her unbridled Soul-filled movements, showing the world that beauty is tangible as a movement of harmony and love. Iris Pohl as the master videographer captures the sway, light and rhythm of Natalie, Catherine and Tina as a wealth of flow, seamlessly telling us a story of true love.

Each of these women is a role model for all women in their own right, living with a daily commitment to being the light of their own Souls in their own chosen field.

On show for all to see in the video is that when they come together as four, melting together for this masterpiece of modern music and video, we are shown very clearly that there is no need for comparison or ‘better than’ between women, and with that every woman is blessed and offered that she too can walk unashamedly in her own power, beauty and love, equal to all who choose to do the same.

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  • By Heather Pope, Corporate Executive

  • Video: Iris Pohl, Photographer and Videographer

    Iris Pohl is an expert in capturing images with a natural light style. Little to no time is needed for photoshop editing and the 'original' moment captured to represent your brand and remain in its authenticity.